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Magnificent Underground Caves in Asia

Magnificent Underground Caves in Asia

A cave is a large space underground that is formed by natural processes and is large enough for a human being to enter. They form by natural weathering of rocks and from the opening they can extend several miles underground. Caves are formed and develop over a long time by a process known as speleogenesis. Their formation is normally influenced by geologic processes such as tectonic forces, chemical processes, and intensive erosion by water, atmospheric factors and pressure. Caves are of different sizes, and from acceptable estimation the maximum depth of a cave can be up to a maximum of 3,000 meter, but cannot exceed there since it can collapse due to the pressure of the underlying rocks.

In Asia, there are a lot of caves that are located in different countries, among the most famous ones include;

Gosu Cave

It is one of the most well-known natural underground caves in South Korea.  The cave is 1.3 kilometers deep and is inhabited by a variety of animal and insect species. It is unique in that some of its features resemble animal and human figures. Magnificent Underground Caves in Asia - Mulu Cave

Mulu Caves

These caves are found in Malaysia, and are located in the Mulu National Park. These caves are of great interest to tourists due to their formation and their surroundings. There are four major cave systems that have clear water and are up to 189 kilometers and hence are believed to be among the largest ones in the world. They are also distinct in that they are inhabited by amazing animal species; which include swallows, swifts and bats. However, visitors are not allowed to go in alone, but are accompanied by professional guides. (Image by Jacques Beaulieu)

Padah-Lin Caves 

These caves are found in Burma and are located in Taunggyi district, Shan state near a path from Nyaunggyat heading to Yebock. Investigations had been performed by the American South East Expedition in between 1937 and 1938 and paintings were discovered which suggested that the early man resided there.

Tianyuan Cave

This cave is found in China and is located near Beijing. In this cave, one of the remains of the most modern humans was found, the Tianyuan man. Magnificent Underground Caves in Asia - Barabar Caves

Barabar Caves 

These caves are found in India and are located in the twin hills of Barabar, others are found in Nagarjuni. They are the most ancient surviving rock cut caves that can be found. They have got a unique highly polished inner surface and an amazing echo effect. (Image by William Lee-Wright)

Abrskil Cave

This cave is found in Georgia and is categorized among caves of Abkhazia. It is located on the southern slopes of the Panavi ridge. It stretches for about 3 kilometers. The cave is named after a legend hero known as Abrskil.

Batatotalena Cave

This is a cave system found in Sri Lanka; it is situated at Sugadala in Subaragamuwa province. In the religion of Buddha, it is believed that this is the cave that the Lord Buddha spent a day after placing his footprint on Adams peak.

If you are thinking of taking your family out for a treat, you may consider taking them to Asia to view these magnificent underground caves. Such underground caves can also be found in the United States of America.


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Featured image courtesy  by Nick Gipe



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  1. I was expecting to see the Puerto Princesa cave in Palawan, Philippines on the list because it is considered as one of the seven wonders of the natural world for the presence of a subterranean river. If you haven’t been to the area, you might want to check it out. There are also several other caves in the Philippines.


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