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Make Love in The Paradise of Earth – Maldives

Make Love in The Paradise of Earth – Maldives

Maldives is a tiny island, surrounded with breathtaking beauty of soft spongy beaches and an underwater beauty, and if honeymoon is meant to be a intimate,celebration of love and private then Maldive is the place to enjoy that love. While having honeymoon in Maldives you can choose a romantic dinner under the stars, or simply making love under the water.




Travelling in Maldives

Any couple from any part of the world can enjoy honey moon in Maldives, there is no travel restriction all you need is your passport and there you go. The mode of transport used is mainly, by air with the main airport at made. The other alternative way is through a yacht,you just need to talk to relevant authorities to know the charges and the the best time and route to take to avoid the coral reefs.
Romantic destinations in Maldives. Some island in Maldives are more romantic than others, where seductive rooms, quite dreamy rooms enhance the mood for love.


Beaches in Maldives

The white sandy beaches surrounds Maldivians where you can have fun doing anything you want under the sun. For honey moon in Maldivians, the white sandy beaches provide the best part of having romantic time.


Conrad’s is Hilton’s paradise 

Nikka rooms comes each with private beach and revolving beds, encircle lush garden where couple can have romantic walks and talks, not forgetting cuddling,that having honeymoon in Maldives.

Cocoa Island

You are taken care of in secluded rooms, with couple massage and steambath in place, and most romantic of all an outdoor jacuzzi just for the two love birds, and that what we call having fun and enjoying honeymoon in Maldives. (Image by Rick) Love-in-The-Paradise-of Earth-Maldives-Cocoa-Island.jpg

Cocoa Island – Maldives



Day bed and room services just near the water,the best place to have an intimate time in the bed during the day as you listen to the sweetness of calm water near you, as you make love


Dhoni Mighili

Gives you fantasy beyond imagination,with a vessel at your disposal and crew waiting to take wherever you want, champagne in the vessel, making love in the vessel or just doc at your own idyllic island somewhere and enjoy all the privacy you need.



For those couples who love underwater adventures, Maldives offer the best snookering adventures, have the best time underwater as you explore each other and the nature, and enjoying your honey moon in Maldives.


Maldives offers the best romantic destination for couple one that will always be part of there journey of love together. Travelling together as a couple, there is always someone to share the crazy things and take photos with, memories are made of those crazy adventure you take as a couple and few photos with crazy style with go along way to remember the fun you had as a couple.


Its fun to travel together as a couple, and a good way of building your relationship, it also teaches you a lot about each other and brings you closer in both body, mind and soul, and that is having honeymoon in Maldives.


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Feature image by W Maldives

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