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Make Mexico Your Honeymoon Destination

Make Mexico Your Honeymoon Destination

People honeymoon all over the world, but Mexico is still a top destination for happy newly-wed couples. The country’s many different landscapes and lifestyles will provide you with vastly different experiences, depending on your tastes, budget, and the time of year. Even if you’ve already been to Mexico, there are most probably countless opportunities for discovery that you haven’t even considered yet. Seasoned travelers will tell you so: Mexico cannot be summarized and fully appreciated in one single visit. In fact,you can visit Mexico numerous times and be amazed by what you experience on every occasion. Here are only a few recommendations – feel free to do your own research, you’re bound to find a destination that will please both you and your significant other!

Traditional Locations

Cozumel, Playa del Carmen and Cancun are popular Mexican locations that are best known for their all-inclusive Riviera Maya resorts The areas around these cities are so well developed that you could spend over a week there and never get bored. The resorts have full service in every sense – expect the very best in dining, nightlife and outdoor activities. Many tourist attractions have sprung up around these locales. The tourism sector also thrives on the Yucatan peninsula’s federally-protected archeological and ecologic parks.(Image by Rigoberto Reyes)

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Mazatlan is a vacation destination that many people do not think of when they are planning their honeymoon. While Mazatlan is a busy tourist city, it’ssituated on the Pacific coast, which distinguishes it from the Mexico’s main tourist destinations on the Yucatan peninsula.Mazatlan is a sleepier town, with different venues for entertainment and more exotic destinations to visit when you leave the confines of the city.


If you would rather trade the comfort of an all-inclusive resort for something slightly off the beaten tracks, Zipolite might be just the place you’re looking for: this beach community in the state of Oaxaca is home to a number of expatriates who have come to enjoy the hippie lifestyle it tolerates, as well as its pristine beaches and cheap accommodations.

Baja California

Visiting Baja California is a unique experience for the Mexican traveler. This long stretch of land is surrounded on both sides by water, and is home to many small villages that dot the landscape. Stop to try local cuisine in these villages, and enjoy the diverse geography of valleys, mountain ranges and beaches. If you are planning a road trip, you can even drive the length of Baja and return to the U.S. through San Diego.(Image by Carlos Esparza)

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Planning your honeymoon to Mexico can be summed up to purchasing a package to Cancun or Cozumel –this is of course the simplest and safest way of going about things. However, if you are feeling more adventurous you should customize your vacation and seek out Mexico’s beautiful and lesser-known attractions. In doing so you will certainly come back with long-lasting memories of the country’s amazing diversity and the great hospitality of its people.


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