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Nervous of Flying? Here’s 10 Tips for you

Nervous of Flying? Here’s 10 Tips for you

Fear of flying is mostly caused by fragility of life and our inherent weaknesses rather than reality. Flying is safer than riding in a vehicle or a cruise ship but our nervousness persists. This fear is caused by several related common phobias like heights, fear of enclosed places ( claustrophobia),crowds, sensation, noise and sitting in a passive manner for a longtime. Here are 10 travel tips to help you overcome nervousness while flying and ensure safe flying:

Discover Your Phobia

Find out what actually scares you. When you know where your fear lays you will be able to overcome it with the help of a therapist.

Learn Everything about Aviation

One way to overcome your nervousness of flying is to learn how a plane works and relate it with your specific fear. For example, if you knew that a plane could glide for 100 miles if the engines failed then you would not worry about the plane falling out of the sky.

Use Sedatives

Before traveling, you can visit your doctor who will prescribe some mild sedatives that will help you overcome your fear of flight.


This is a major cause of flight fear because turbulence is annoying and uncomfortable. However, turbulence does not really threaten your safety while flying since planes are able to flex and handle any turbulence they may encounter.

Qualification of The Pilot

Some people may need to know the qualification of the pilot in order to be assured of safe flying. You need to know that big commercial airlines have very qualified pilots who have undertaken intensive training over a long period of time. They will be able to take to your destination safely and respond to any emergencies along the way. Thus you should relax and enjoy your flight(Image by ~steini~).

Mechanical Sound

Nervous is sometimes brought about by the sounds made by the plane. You may hear the landing gear retract after takeoff or the sound of the engine getting louder or quieter on different occasions. Just assume this to be the normal behavior of a vehicle cruising on a freeway and you will stop being nervous.

Stop Thinking Too Much

Many experts believe that even if you have a phobia of flying, this fear is mostly furnished by your imagination as opposed to reality. Thus, while flying, it is advisable to ignore thoughts of what could go wrong and focus on traveling safely.

Nervous During Takeoff

Ensure that you engage in relaxing activity that will distract your mind during takeoff. You can read a magazine, meditate, listen to music or work out a crossword puzzle. You can also strike a friendly chat with the next person so as to calm your nerves.

Choose the Best

Many people who are nervous while flying are advised to choose an aisle seat where you can see the plane’s wing. The seat also allows you to move freely in the cabin. This will surely make you feel safe and diminish your fear.


This form of therapy is appropriate since it helps you get to the root of your nervousness and assist you in overcoming it.

Lastly, the best way to overcome nervous of flying is get into the plane, relax and be sure your travel will be safe.


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