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New Zealand – A Great Destination for Honeymoon

New Zealand – A Great Destination for Honeymoon

Are you planning for a destination to spend your honeymoon or quality time with your lover? If yes, New Zealand is one such place that will leave you with beautiful memories. New Zealand boasts quite a number of natural and geographical features that makes it one of the best destinations. The physical landscape of New Zealand comprises of snow capped mountains and generally filled plains. While in New Zealand you can walk through volcanic plateau as well as subtropical forest. In addition, you can spend a day in warm sandy beaches or on a glacier mountain.

Generally, New Zealand weather is moderate and ranges from mild temperature due to good amount of sunshine to moderately high rainfall. The sea and the mountain that makes up New Zealand combine to create a favorable condition for the rich array of flora and fauna. All this have contributed to the beautiful nature of New Zealand. New Zealand boasts a number of romantic spots for couples, including:

Queenstown New Zealand- A Day in Paradise

Queenstown is one spectacular place that you should visit while in a honeymoon or romantic tour in New Zealand. This place is located on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. It is surrounded by about 7,000 foot of high remarkable.

Experience Whale Watching at Kaikoura

There is much to be seen at the East coast of South land in New Zealand. Kaikoura is the wonderful place to go for whale watching. A population of whales can be seen year around. Between the month of June and July, you will be in a position to spot humpack whales. Between December and March, you will spot killer whales. Surrounded by the sea, Kaikoura is a place to be (image by dripster).

Underground Adventure at Waitamo Caves

While in New Zealand, you will also get a chance to enjoy underground adventure. This is possible at Waitamo caves. This place is made up of series of underground caves. It is a perfect place for you and your better half.

Travel New Zealand-Auckland a City of Sails

Auckland commonly known as a city of sails is another destination in New Zealand that you need to visit. Auckland is one of the most cosmopolitan cities New Zealand. This city offers a wide selection of nightlife, galleries, shops and restaurants. You will be surprised by the quality of dining in Auckland, especially restaurant specializing in Pacific and Asian Rim Cuisine.

Ninety Mile Beach

This is a narrow strip of sand that stretches on the west coast of North Island. This beach is also a highway suitable for 4WD vehicles. You can also enjoy a number of beach activities, including surf casting (Image by Dazjet n family).

Spectacular Milford Sound

This is a fjord with narrow inlet and steep sided. It was created by glacial activity and situated in a middle of a rain forest. The journey to Milford sound is as spectacular as the destination itself.

Jewel of Bay of Islands- Destination Spot for Honeymoon in New Zealand

Bay of Islands is one among the romantic places that you will enjoy quality time with your lover. This place is not far from the northern tip of the country.

Generally, New Zealand is about nature’s majestic beauty that you can enjoy with your couple while in honeymoon.


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