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Paris – Imaginative Vitality Resonates

Paris – Imaginative Vitality Resonates

We come across few destinations which tend to capture the hearts and imagination of a traveller, one of which is Paris. Paris the capital of France is rich in history and the best way of enjoying a vacation is to explore the various places of interest which has a beauty of its own to relate. Tourists could check on their schedule online and for those coming from San Francisco could avail tickets for flights from san Francisco to paris which are offered at good pricing. The service provider besides offering good pricing also provides facility of renting a car at special price wherein one could also drive to Paris and navigate the various regions and get an understanding of their traditions. Imaginative vitality resonates all throughout Paris where the museum houses some of the richest and most important collection of monuments. The Louvre which is the most diverse as well as extensive collection of the pre-20th century art, would take a lifetime to completely experience it. No trip to Paris is complete without visiting the well-known Eiffel Tower which is presently a symbol of the city and an icon of France. During the day, the Champs de Mars with the tower tends to offer one of the most romantic backdrops of the world and after sunset, the tower tends to glitter with thousands of sparkling lights portraying an awesome view.

Catacomb – Underground Vault

For flights from los angeles to paris one could avail the facility of great pricing provided by service providers for tourist coming from Los Angeles to Paris, the city of love and it is called. Visitors coming to Paris for the first time should undertake a walk through the catacomb which is an underground vault and is not for the faint hearted. The remains of the almost six million people is said to fill the structure of tunnels and caverns where several bones have been arranged causing a pattern which may haunt you after the visit to the street level. Other sights include the Arc de Triomphe which is a tribute of France to Napoleon and unknown soldiers – Pere Lachaise cemetery the ultimate resting place of Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde together with other well-known celebrities. One of the most striking examples of Gothic architecture is the Notre Dame Cathedral another fascinating site to explore.

Gothic Architecture

Though the metro system of the city tends to be economical, widespread and easy to go across the best manner of seeing Paris is on foot. Tourist could stroll down the Seine at sunset, hang around at a cozy cafe for a drink and watch in leisure the various facet of the city as it blends into the night. On the Ile de la Cite not far from Notre Dame is another pinnacle of gothic architecture – Saint-Chapelle which had been constructed during the mid-13th century by King Louis IX. One will come across some of the best conceived stain glass, which houses a total of 15 glass panels having prominent large window where the colours tend to be vibrant. Still. Sainte-Chapelle also features wall paintings together with intricate carving highlighting the magnificent medieval beauty of this amazing architecture.