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Preparing a First Aid Kit for Traveling Abroad

Preparing a First Aid Kit for Traveling Abroad

You will always need a first aid kit for traveling. However, not all first aid kits are the same. When working out what to carry, you will have to take care of the destination, how long you are planning to stay there and the number of people you are taking with you. Health insurance is the most important part of any medical kit: You have to ensure that you have enough medical cover for yourself and the people coming with you. Apart from that ensure that; ensure that your first aid kit addresses the following.

1. Vomiting

Some people vomit a lot during travels. These people will surely lose a lot of fluids so you have to carry along small drinks preferably ones that contain salt and sugar for purposes of re-hydration.

2. Travel sickness

Again, people are different and some will experience travel sickness whether in the air, at sea or in the car. Travel sickness can be prevented by use of antihistamines. Before you embark on the journey, consult a pharmacist to advise which ones are appropriate for your circumstances.

3. Water Purification Tablets and Filtration Devices

You can easily purchase the tablets from pharmacies or pursuit stores. Even containers for physical as well as chemical filtration are now easily available from travel clinics and large chemists (Image by Kenji I).

Water Purifier Kit


4. Thermometers Tweezers and a Pair of Scissors

You never know what you are going to meet out there. If you suspect that the temperatures will be too high or extremely low, you may have to carry along a digital or paper thermometer. Tweezers and scissors could also prove useful at some point.

5. Needles and Syringes

Having your own needle and syringes and perhaps even scalpels is important especially if you are traveling abroad; you may have to be admitted at a hospital and if the hygiene at that hospital is not up to, standard then you can always turn to your own items.

6. Sores/Blisters

Ensure that you carry along a skin disinfectant such as a bottle of Chlorhexidine. You could also do with antiseptic swipes, bandages, and plasters all of which become invaluable in case of an accident. Pharmacies now have special plasters for blisters.

7. Items for Safe Sex

You can never miss condoms whenever you travel. They help you avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Always check on the expiry dates of the condoms and ensure that they are of high quality.

8. Pain Killers

Pain during travel is almost unavoidable. From mild headaches to menstrual pains and toothaches, you will definitely need Paracetamol, Aspirin, or Ibrufen on the trip. The best way is to go for a blister pack as effervescent drugs normally absorb moisture, which could make them ineffective.

9. Stomach Acid and Heartburn

For people who experience heartburn and a surge in stomach acid when they consume certain foods or drinks, you will need an antacid.

10. Antibiotics for Infections and/or Inflammations

Just make sure you discuss the situation with your doctor before you buy any antibiotics (Image by TortexS).


11. Constipation

If you suspect constipation, carry along some laxatives; syrups, tablets or even suppositories.

12. Diarrhea

Diarrhea can be a huge problem during travel. Always carry a re-hydrating solution such as Dioralyte though medications such as Ciprofloxacin antibiotic tablets and Loperamide are also available. Again, talk to your doctor before you use any of the drugs.

13. Allergies

If you are allergic for example to insect bites, you will need an antihistamine during the travel.

In conclusion, in case of an emergency, the first person you should contact is your insurance provider. Next up, you can also contact the country’s health department responsible for travel emergencies. Lastly, if you have a travel agent, always inform them about the emergency.


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Featured image courtesy : Sara

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  1. Nice information thanks for sharing. I used to take my travel first aid kit with me in my adventures. It has all these things.


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