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Safety first – Several Tips for a Better Holiday

Safety first – Several Tips for a Better Holiday

Do you leave your common sense at the departure gate when you go on holiday? Many people do!

Being in foreign surroundings, with the sun on your face, a sense of freedom, and usually plenty of alcohol, can all add up to questionable decisions and sometimes disastrous results.

It’s important to remember that just because you’re on holiday, bad things can and do happen, and it’s all a case of keeping your wits about you.

Arriving in resort well rested is the best foundation to build on. Travel can be tiring, but there are ways to at least limit the tiredness. I find driving myself to the airport does exactly that, and I regularly book my parking space through Airparks, meaning I not only arrive fresh and raring to go, but I save money too. Wherever you’re flying from you’ll find a service to meet your needs, included fantastic rates on Stansted parking, meaning you can take advantage of the lower cost of flying from the capital. Have a search and see what you can find – starting your holiday well rested is certainly worth it.(Image by Bahman Farzad)

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You only have to turn the TV on during the summer months to find a reality program focusing on a holiday disaster, often centering on someone being a little too trusting of people they don’t know, drinking too much and thinking they can take on the world, or forgetting that dark alleys and foreign surroundings aren’t a good thing.

Common sense should be the first thing you pack in your hand luggage, and should never be ignored. If your intuition is screaming at you, listen to it! You are vulnerable when you are in a place you don’t know.

Despite me painting a rather grim story, it’s really easy.

Remember that alcoholic measures are usually stronger overseas – dedicate one person to staying sober and making sure everyone gets home safely.

Never get on the back of a motorbike or scooter! These are common place in Europe, but if you wouldn’t do it in the UK, don’t do it on holiday. (Image by TA-Roma LISSTA)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - motorbike Tips for a Better Holiday

Remember that not everyone who smiles at you is your friend. Trust is earned, and yes that stranger might be very charming and seem friendly, but you don’t know them, so step away!

Never walk home alone. Stick together.

Check out the background of any water-sports or extreme activities before agreeing to them. Check the safety levels, because we all know that health and safety in certain countries leaves a lot to be desired.

Common sense – that’s all you need.


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