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Save Money and Travel Cheaply in 2014

Save Money and Travel Cheaply in 2014

Inadequate money is one of the greatest challenge every traveler faces, this is worse if you are in a foreign country and most probably you have no one you can lend or call to support you. You therefore need to have some good amount of cash that can help you in situations where need arises. However this doesn’t mean you will have to strain yourself to save that extra cash to cater for miscellaneous expenses, some few money saving tips will go a long way to ensure you enjoy a relaxed vacation.

Stop financial leakage

This means you have to be accountable with your money, you must know where every shilling is going. Pay attention to your spending patterns and adjust where necessary, do a daily recording of all your expenditure for some few days or weeks, in doing so you will be know what’s consuming your money, after that curtail all unnecessary expenses.  Save Money and Travel Cheaply in 2014 - Budget


Design a budget that best fits you and stick to it, you can get one from the internet if you are having a problem in coming up with one. Dedicate some money to savings and at the same time reduce your debts. Book cheaper hotels and save that extra coin, you will still enjoy the luxury in places you will visit. Cut your coat according to your fit, this implies that you have to learn to live with your new budget if at all you want to get somewhere near savings. Gradually you will be able to improve your financial stress and reduce any chance of overspending. (Image by Tax Credits)  Save Money and Travel Cheaply in 2014 - Acquire Travel Credit Card

Acquire a travel credit card

By utilizing the available sign up bonuses that are offered by airline companies, you can actually accumulate thousands of miles every year without even flying or spending any extra amounts.  Many U.S carriers’ credit cards offer at least 50,000 to 30,000 bonus miles after you sign up and use the card to make a purchase. You can multiply this bonus by adding multiple users. Gradually you will end up with a free all paid ticket that covers to and fro air ticket to your dream country of choice. You can even travel with your family and still remain with some extra miles for your business plans. (Image by Robin Wilson)

Make your flights more flexible

A slight change can save you a nice buck especially when travelling with your family, go for midweek flights instead of flying on weekends as the prices are much cheaper. Instead of going for direct flights, choose flights with stops, this will save some good amount of money especially if the numbers of people travelling are higher. Use internet free search engines like the Google flight search to look for the cheapest flights on offer.

Off season

Travel during the off season. Be timely; go after or slightly before the off-peak. You will definitely enjoy being there at these times since prices will have lowered and the weather is still favorable. Though the seasons might not be the sunniest you will save a fortune as the prices are quite encouraging.

Be wise and save that extra coin this year, it will go a long way to see you extend your trip or even be left with enough money to take you to another vacation. Consider going for cheaper accommodation facilities to save more money.


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