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See more of Europe, the student way

See more of Europe, the student way

Cruising is a popular way to travel these days, yet not all of us are cut out for life on the open water. If the thought of taking to the seas makes you feel a little green, then how about inter-railing as an alternative?

Once thought of as ‘that thing that students do’, inter-railing is now accessible to all, and when combined with a cheap flight to meet your train, you could be looking at a once in a lifetime holiday, for very little cost. Grabbing a cheap flight of course is all about flexibility, so why not open up your search to London airports, and factor in a night at an airport hotel to give you comfort? This won’t break the bank, and there are a large range of hotels on offer nationwide, such as the many hotels near Heathrow Airport, giving you all the perks of hotels on-site but for a lower price tag.(image by Iker).

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Your only worry, if you’re like me, will be that you get to your destination to meet your train on time, however this can be easily planned, and if you’re worried about flight delays, and being where you need to be on time, then simply check up to date, real-time information on your airport and flight, which will put your mind at rest. I always do this religiously before I go away, constantly checking Heathrow departures on Holiday Extras, and I’ve never gone wrong yet!

Italy is probably Europe‘s most popular interrailing country, and you can easily purchase a rail pass, which will entitle you to a certain amount of travel within a certain amount of time, but freedom within that period. Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Amalfi Coast – the list is long, and it’s not only limited to Italy, as you can purchase a pass for most European countries, as well as crossing borders. Simply pick a reputable company to purchase your pass from, and grab the nearest map! You could also fly by the seat of your pants, and purchase your tickets on the go. Rail travel within Europe is generally cheap and reliable, so this is a possibility if you’re wanting to be a little more spontaneous.(image by D.Morris Photography).

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Heathrow Airport See more of Europe

Accommodation can be found quite easily and cheaply on most interrailing routes, especially the more popular ones, but it doesn’t hurt to do a little research before you go, so you have a little peace of mind. The other tip is to travel as light as possible, because lugging a huge suitcase onto a train is not going to be fun!

Interrailing is no longer the way to travel for students only, in fact jumping on that train could be the best way to see the beautiful scenery of this large and diverse continent.


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