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Step Out with Kids with these Points in Your Mind

Step Out with Kids with these Points in Your Mind

Screaming toddlers… Crying babies… If you are traveling with kids, do you happen to be with  a family that no one really wants to be anywhere near? Do you thing the Robert Benchley, the famous author, was pointing to your precious darlings when he said, “In America there are two classes of travel: first class, and with children”? Well, if your answers in the affirmative, then there is little cause to despair. Here, we run you through simple but effective tips that will surly help you in keeping your sanity on the plane-and making your trip a fun-filled and memorable one for lone and all.

  • It is all about making the right plans, adding more hours to your preparation and then sticking to them. There is nothing better than making a long and exhaustive list of essentials for children as anything that’s amiss may lead to throwing of tantrums and unwarranted displeasure’s alike.


  • When booking your flight tickets, it is best to go in for flights that travel non-stop from home to the destination of your choice. This rings all the more true during peak seasons, when long queues at the airport and multiple plane changes on crowded terminals can prove to be highly daunting -and in many more ways than one.(image by revedavion)

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  • When your kids tend to get in the way of your preparations and start making the going tough, try to involve them in your activities -albeit in the “fun” way. Consider creating a bright a “Vacation is Coming” poster, wherein your little ones can start marking off the days until you flight. You may also like to go hi-tech and find the relevant apps that go a long way in helping them get enthused about the upcoming vacation and rejoice!


  • If you are planning to take them on their first flight, then celebrate the special occasion. You can choose to download pictures of airplane interiors and ask them to point out the ideal spots for mom, day and siblings to sit, the cockpit, windows, safety escape panels and so forth. The official portals of Boeing and other airline manufacturers feature interesting virtual tours of plane interiors-your kids will love to see them. So, just download some interesting videos of the same and look forward to some interesting shared time. It is also a good idea to invest in books related to air crafts and in-flight details and read them along with your kids.


  • Previewing your upcoming trip with children is an interesting and educational way of getting them all pepped up and geared to participate in the travel preparations -instead of coming in your way. Generate a smart  “trip montage” that plays on your laptop and features photos of family members that you will seeing or the touristy places that you may be visiting on your tour. This way, you can be assured of your kids not screaming upon seeing the unsightly mole on Uncle Joe’s left cheek and being all up and about on the days when you intend going sightseeing-instead of preferring to stay in bed with their mobile appliances and electronic games.(image by Sarcasmo)

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Remember, happy kids are equal to a happy vacation-invest in the same.

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