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6 Amazing Attractions in Nigeria You Must See

Posted by on Jul 11, 2014 in Budget Travel, Outdoor Travel, Travel Africa, Travel Destinations, Travel Nigeria, Travel Resources, Travel Styles, Travel Tips | 0 comments

Nigeria known as “The Giant of Africa” is among the most popular destinations of Africa in terms of tourism. It is the most populous country in Africa and the 7th most populous country of the world. The Nigerian culture is full of amazing traditions that are worth to experience, beside this it has plenty of attractions for the tourists who are interested in exploring wild life and some architectural history. You can comfortably explore Nigeria by car as many of its key tourist sites are close to each other. You can purchase a local car and sell it using local free ads sites. Check in advance the driver license needs and obtain international driver license. So below is the list of 6 Amazing Attractions in Nigeria to visit by Car

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Happy Holidays in Incredible Africa

Posted by on Jun 1, 2014 in Luxury Travel, Travel Africa, Travel Destinations, Travel Morocco, Travel Resources, Travel Styles, Travel Tips, World Travel | 0 comments


Morocco is an intriguing country offering a variety of intriguing attractions and located in the north of Africa and very near Europe. It is amazing that in just about a four hour flight from Europe you will be in this exotic country where a riot of colors and colliding of cultures is the order of the day. It is a place where the Arab meets Berber and Europe meets Africa in such an incredible way.

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World’s Best Eco Stays for 2014

Posted by on May 30, 2014 in Accommodations, Outdoor Travel, Travel Africa, Travel Costa Rica, Travel Destinations, Travel North America, Travel Resources, Travel Styles | 0 comments

If you are looking towards planning an eventful vacation while enjoying the comforts delivered by eco-friendly hostels and hotels, then you are I the right place. Read on for a quick peep into an incredible range of green stays across the world and get ready to create some positive impacts on your next trip-by staying in solar-powered retreats or indulging in a round-up of wilderness lodges.

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Go Green at These Eco-Resorts of the World

Posted by on Jan 14, 2014 in Accommodations, Luxury Travel, Travel Africa, Travel Asia, Travel Destinations, Travel Jordan, Travel Mexico, Travel Morocco, Travel North America, Travel Resources, Travel Styles, Travel USA, World Travel | 0 comments

Planning to “go green” in one of the most happening eco-resorts this year? These places are well equipped with the finest facilities and promise to make your holiday all the more pleasing and full of fun. Read on for more.

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Top Things to do in Mauritius

Posted by on Dec 16, 2013 in Extreme Travel, Travel Africa, Travel Destinations, Travel Mauritius, Travel Styles, World Travel | 0 comments

Mauritius is an island nation that experiences a tropical type of climate which makes tourists to flock from far and wide just to experience this climate. With a developed economy, modernized lifestyle, high standards of living, exotic beaches and abundant tourist attractions the island has what it takes to attract international as local tourists. The country has also improved its infrastructures as well as transportation industry and this has facilitated commuting among tourists who find a more convenient and easier holidays to Mauritius. Here are top places to go as well as things to do on a Mauritius vacation.

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