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Take a Flight of Fancy at these Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

Take a Flight of Fancy at these Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

Sri Lanka, an idyllic destination for both weddings abroad and honeymooners alike, is fast making it to the hot list of event managers and tour operators across the world. As per statistical reports, the scenic terrains of Mauritius are not too far behind and are also attracting more and more people with their bountiful natural attractions, warm hospitality and an exhaustive range of outdoor/indoor activities. The Caribbean Islands also boas of a noteworthy position in the long list of exotic honeymoon destinations around the world -with St Lucia, Thailand , Barbados and Antigua following suit. The other places worth taking a look are Mexico, Jamaica, India and the United Arab Emirates

With so many locations and many more in store, those looking for a romantic vacation (far from the maddening crowds and nagging relatives) are certainly spoiled for choice -and in many more ways than one. Read on for a quick peep into some of the most popular locations in the lot.

Sri Lanka

With its melange of outdoor activities, ability to combine a luxury beach escape with a cultural tour, natural attractions, wildlife and more; Sri Lanka has long been a perfect location for off-site weddings and honeymoons. The many ways of discovering this beautiful nation are by witnessing the amazing sights of Dambulla Caves, Sigiriya Rock, Temple of the Tooth, wildlife in Yala, tea tourism in Nuwara Eliya……..The list of must-sees is indeed endless in Sri Lanka. (image by Richard Collier)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Take a Flight of Fancy at these Exotic Honeymoon Destinations Sigiriya Rock

If you or your guests are not in the mood for looking around and are looking for some relaxed moments f togetherness on palm fringed beaches; then you are in the right spot too. The heavenly hospitalizing and pampering nature of this country makes it a preferred one on the list of those looking for some special moments in natural environs. The perennial appeal of the land offers great value for money and makes wedding packages all the more affordable. For instance, the locals Blue Water on Wadduwa beachfront are genuinely warm and hospitable and help you plan your wedding in style. Here, you may also look forward to several honeymoon packages that are specially designed to cater to the discerning needs and requirements of newlyweds and provide them the much needed privacy -at all costs.


Looking for more romance? You can plan out your perfect escape here. The sheer diversity of options present for couples in the sprawling length and breadth of the United States of America is indeed interesting. From taking their vows in the charismatic Central Park of New York  to spending some precious moments of togetherness in Glitzy Las Vegas-where you can select between a beachfront ceremony in Hawaii or the majestic Graceland Storybook Wedding Chapel, there is no dearth of options for those looking towards celebrating their special days in style.  For a quick holiday you can apply for esta online.

Indian Ocean

Tucked alongside the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Maldives ranks high on the list of choices for honeymooners. The sprinklings of scenic low-lying atolls that transform Maldives into the best-selling honeymoon destination are indeed worth a look and perfectly complement the nations’ unique combination of culture, fun loving traits and sparkling coastlines.(image by Strygaban)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Take a Flight of Fancy at these Exotic Honeymoon Destinations Maldives

However, Mauritius did manage to beat off all competition by waiving off the red tape for people getting married on its soils, making it easier for couples to plan their special break or get their favored guests together in one of the most exotic beach resorts of the world.

So, are you ready to experience the magic of these romantic destinations-the right way?

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