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The 10 Best Family Attractions in Singapore

The 10 Best Family Attractions in Singapore

Tourism in Singapore: One of the easier alternatives for a family vacation owing to its innumerable fun-filled attractions, Singapore has been regarded as an attractive family tourism destination among international tourists. As a cosmopolitan city highlighting large scale cultural and racial harmony, Singapore boasts of a well-developed and thriving tourism industry. The rich colonial history is reflected in its cultural differences brought about by the scores of citizens from Arabia, Malays, China and India. Largely considered to be a South-east Asian business center, Singapore is home to a thriving shopping district located in the Orchard Road region. Housing a large number of hotels, Orchard Road district is considered to be at the center of the tourism industry in Singapore.

Top ten attractions for families in Singapore: It is not only the green environment that attracts tourists to Singapore but also great services on offer at the various tourist destinations in the city. This stellar city has a magnificent diversity of attractive destinations, from unique features of entertainment to the ccolorfuland swirling markets to the crafty architectural designs dotting the city streets. For those planning a holiday in Singapore here is a list of the ten best attractions that the city has to offer:

Universal Studio, Singapore:

Universal Studio offers seven themed sections featuring innumerable shows and rides. Each section relates to a major hit film, Madagascar, Far Far Away and The Lost World, to name a few. The Hollywood Boulevard is framed by palm trees, a dynamic architecture and the famous Walk of Fame while Madagascar is a dense tropical jungle, home to a number of strange and wonderful animals.

Merlion Park:

Located at the very heartland of this stellar city, Merlion Park is surrounded by a number of famous buildings. The Merlion statue is the highlight of not only the park but of the entire nation. A mythical creature having a lion’s head and fish’s body, Merlion has been promoted as the icon for the city of Singapore.

Singapore Night Safari:

The night safari in Singapore is the first nocturnal zoo in the world. Not only does it provide wonder and entertainment to its visitors, the place is also dedicated towards the rescue, research and conservation of animals to improve their lives both in the wild and in captivity. At present, it is home to 1040 animals from as many as 120 different species of which close to 30% have been enlisted as threatened species (image  by Rodney Thomson).


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Singapore Night Safari

Clarke Quay:

Formed on the banks of the Singapore river close to 150 years ago, Clarke Quay is where the throbbing scene of Singapore’s nightlife is concentrated. Buzzing nightclubs, beautiful people and glittering lights are just some of the images that imprint themselves on the minds of visitors following their first visit to Clarke Quay.

Singapore Botanical Gardens:

Located in the middle of town, this botanical garden has a comprehensive collection of plants, most of them threatened and endangered species. Spread across approximately 64 acres, tourists can enjoy the lush green trees and scenery of the place. A swan lake is located quite close to the entrance. Among the main attractions within the garden premises, the National Orchid Garden towards the mid-western boundaries is a top draw. A hilly site spread over three hectares of land, it houses more than a thousand different species and over two thousand different hybrid varieties of orchids.

Singapore Science Center:

For the young scientists and technology experts of the future, the Singapore Science Center is major attraction. With close to nine hundred interactive rides describing the beauty and wonders of science, this place has been recognised as one that will surely stimulate the young minds. This place is closed on all Mondays apart from other national holidays.

National Museum of Singapore:

Bearing a spirit of innovation for the most innovative and youngest minds, the National Museum of Singapore is the oldest of all museums in the city. Designed as a public museum, the place prides itself in its diverse and sophisticated ways of presenting history that redefines the conventional museum experience. Apart from housing artefacts and exhibits, the museum also offers a distinct flavor through its vibrant and challenging festivals and events. The structure boasts of a combined Renaissance and Neo-Palladian style comprising two rectangular blocks and a dome at the front.

China Town:

An ethnic neighborhood, Chinatown is located in the largest district of Outram. It features a historically concentrated population of ethnic Chinese people and distinct cultural elements belonging to the Chinese. The architecture of the various buildings dotting the streets is worth looking at, combining the Baroque and Victorian styles. China Town also offers number of delicacies from the Chinese cuisine while some of its unique bars allow for a romantic night in a quaint part, away from the hustle-bustle of the mainstream city (image by Hadi_Hamid).

Travel far a week - Travel Tales for Travel Lovers World Travel Family Kids World Travel Blog - The 10 Best Family Attractions in Singapore China Town

China Town – Singapore

Little India Singapore:

To the east of the Singapore river and across from China Town lies Little India, another ethnic neighborhood. Little India is home to cultural elements predominantly from the Indian state of Tamilnadu, apart from many other aspects from varying cultures. Popularly known as Tekka in the local Tamil community, one can find a number of great things here, from unique fruits and sweets to cheap shoes and clothes as is worn by the various Indian communities.

Orchard Road:

The main shopping district of Singapore, Orchard Road is home to a number of pedestrian malls, hotels, nightclubs, cafes, coffee chains and upmarket restaurants. Orchard Road is also the location of the Istana, official residence of the Singapore President. The primary attraction of this place is the number of shopping malls that, when fully lit at night can dazzle the surroundings and leave shopaholics simply crazy with their sparkling array of elegant wares on display.

Visa requirements for Singapore: For people visiting Singapore on tourism purposes, they will be required to produce certain documents for validation and processing of their visa permits from Singapore High Commission offices in their respective countries. The document requirements may vary based on whether their country features in the Level I or Level II of visa assessment. For Irish and British passport holders opting for a stay of less than a month in the country and with sufficient funds and confirmed return ticket, they do not require any visa for their visit to Singapore.


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