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The 4 Best Hotels in Hong Kong

The 4 Best Hotels in Hong Kong

The bustling metropolis of Hong Kong gets its vibrant feel from a thriving business district, avenues peppered with high-end labels, restaurants selling dishes of every cuisine around the world, and stylish bars and clubs that make up at its continuous night life. With so much to offer, picking the best accommodation when you visit the city is key and differs greatly on what aspects of Hong Kong you want to avail yourself to. But if money is no object, these are the four best hotels that will take care of all your needs and keep you pampered even as you wear out your shoes painting Hong Kong red. The 4 Best Hotels in Hong Kong The Peninsula

The Peninsula 

Almost a century old, the Peninsula has been the standard for opulence since its 1928 opening in Tsim Sha Tsui in the middle of Kowloon City, which constantly buzzes with energy. With only one of the two private helipads in Hong Kong, the hotel has even been featured in the Hollywood film Dark Knight. Its expansive rooms evoke contemporary design, high ceilings, as well as state of the art technology. With beautiful harbour views, the grand dame often ferries guests directly from the bay to the doorstep with its fleet of 14 luxury cars – all Roll Royce Phantoms. For dining, there is French at Gaddi’s, Japanese at Imasa, Cantonese at Spring Moon and Swiss at Chesa, but Kowloon itself is home to a slew of 5-star restaurants. It also sits on the corner of Nathan Road, where designer labels abound. (Image by IDEE PER VIAGGIARE) The 4 Best Hotels in Hong Kong Luxe Manor

Luxe Manor

Also in Tsim Sha Tsui’s, barely a stone’s throw away from the grand dame is Luxe Manor, which takes its design in an entirely different direction. While outside, renowned luxury retailers tempt you next to streets of markets, shops, bars, restaurants, and clubs, inside Luxe Manor, its fake fireplaces, kitschy décor and dark colours clash to give your accommodation a surreal, artsy feel. Its dining establishments emphasize this, from the Scandinavian restaurant FINDS, brainchild of celebrity chef Jaakko Sorsal to the Dada bar that has a Dali-esque atmosphere. (Image by Catherine Ling) The 4 Best Hotels in Hong Kong LFK


Small in the middle of Central is LKF, named after the hip town it resides in, Lan Kwai Fong. It is best known for its rooftop views of the city, where breakfast is served and its Azure Restaurant Slash Bar entertains the party crowd. With your accommodation going as large as 950 square feet, LKF is beloved by clubbers for NYC-themed restaurant Lily & Bloom and a billiards club called Tazmania Ballroom. (Image by solutions999) The 4 Best Hotels in Hong Kong Mira


The tech-savvy will love Mira, with its constant use of neon lights and glass in futuristic décor while rooms are bedecked in an array of red, silver, green and purple colours with aromatherapy baths set in marble. Revel in the Bose sound systems, iPad docks located near Knutsford Terrace, the hotel is steps away from the Avenue of Stars, Museum of History, and Cultural Centre. It is also home to Cuisine Cuisine, the Michellin-starred Chinese-themed restaurant; rooftop bar Vibes and chocolate bar Coco. (Image by taipansan)


When you kick off your shoes after a long day of sampling the best of Hong Kong shopping, dining, and clubbing, you will be grateful for the luxury these hotels provide and how each attentive hospitality staff anticipate and fill your needs even before you ask – be it spa treatments, connectivity requirements, and even transportation to places of interest.



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Featured image courtesy  by Pablo Pola Damonte



  1. the Hong Kong has became and important part of the world since it has been developed in last 10 years, you should go and visit it.

    • You are absolutely right! I am totally agree with you for that Hong Kong has become important part of world and developed very well. It becomes popular travel destination choice in travellers.

  2. Hong kong is one of the best and most developed travel city. I heard very well about the luxuries hotels of hong kong. After read this best hotels of hong kong, i wish visit hong kong and stay in such type of luxury hotel.


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