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The 7 Places in Bali You Must Visit

The 7 Places in Bali You Must Visit

Bali is one of the several islands making up Indonesian country found on the southeast part of Asia. Bali is well known for music, handcrafts and woodcarving. It is also a haven for those tourists searching for an exotic escape. It is a travel destination for tourists from all parts of the world because of beautiful beaches, the presence of tropical climate and the cultural richness of the Indonesian people.

The southern part of Bali is the most popular tourist destination for a number of tourists. The island is about seventy miles in lengthy and ninety miles in width. Mount Agung is the active volcano present in the island which erupted last in 1963.


You will find beautiful white sandy beaches in the southern part of the island while in the western and northern parts of the island you can find black sand beaches. The diverse sea life within the island is made up of coral reefs. If you are a forest enthusiast, you can head to west Bali national park which houses several monkey species.


Bali Island has a number of attractive places you can visit. Some of the places are old cities and beaches ideal for the newly married couple or someone who wants to relax and temporarily forget the daily bustles and hassles of life.


Here is 7 attractive places in Bali you must visit :

1. Bali Barat National Park – this is where you can take a closer look at various species of wild animals present in the country. The animals comprises of silver leaf monkey species and the Bali starling bird. This one of the birds among the six birds available in the whole world.


2. Kuta Beach – this beach is popular with tourists who like surfing. Here you can find the magnificent beaches in the Island representing the best of Bali. Kuta is a new tourist attraction in Bali consisting of almost everything you need in the country.


3. Nusa Dua – is another new tourist attractions present in Bali. Here you will find white beaches surrounded by coral reef making it a perfect location for a family. A family visit to this place will bring amazing activities and insights for all ages. Further, it is a perfect destination for honeymooners. (image by Adhi Rachdian)

Nusa Dua – Bali


4. Kintamani – this city used to be the biggest city in Bali and it is the ideal place for hiking. Currently, it remains a small town formed by a volcanic crater.


5. Negara – this is one of the few cities that has remained untouched in Bali. The city is made up of wildlife, mountains and a volcano. Here you will sample amlapura being a mix of the modern and ancient society rich in culture. If you like sampling various cultures in the world, this is one of the cultures you must sample. Further, the city is well known for the water palace with several Hindu images and magnificent gardens.


6. Denpasar – this is the capital city of Bali and it is the best place for doing shopping. In this city, you will find a number of temples.


7. Celuk – this is the best place for hiking and finding a number of hand made items such as bracelets and earrings.

This island found in the Indonesian country is perfect for holiday,  to see culture of  South East Asia, enjoy the scenery of beautiful sea beaches and budget travel.


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