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The Safest Country in the World to Visit

The Safest Country in the World to Visit

Crime is prevalent almost everywhere. We see it on television and the news everyday. If we travel to the wrong country, we could find ourselves in a crime ridden, unsafe environment. Our belongings and money can be taken or we could find ourselves hostages in many countries around the world. When we plan on going on vacation we want to scout out our travel destination because safety comes first. This can be challenging, but there are places that are more safe than others. Actually, there are countries in the world that are considered the safe destinations and with a these travel tips, you can make an informed, educated decision on where to vacation next.


Out of all the countries, one would not figure the safest country in the world to visit is Luxembourg. The reasons are simple to understand why this country is considered more safe than any others.


1. Low Crime Rate

Since many of the countries around the world are graded on their crime rate, this has to be taken into consideration for Luxembourg. This small country of about 500,000 residents is known for a low crime rate because it is one of the richest nations in the world. People are extremely satisfied with their living standards, which makes crime obsolete.

2. Economy

The economy of Luxembourg is highly developed, which creates an excellent Gross Domestic Product. In fact, Luxembourg enjoys the greatest GDP in the world. Because of this, criminal are rare because they can make better money working than stealing.

3. Government

The government is conscious of the need to protect tourists. Even though tourism is not a majority of its federal income, it is considered important to the officials to place a high safety value on visitors.

4. Politically Stable

What differentiates the safest countries in the world is political stability. The dangerous countries have a lot of political unrest, which is a breeding ground for criminals to do what they want. Luxembourg is a safe destination because of its political stability. The politicians work together to make a better government.

Besides being safe, Luxembourg offers a host of attractions that will interest you. You may enjoy these three world famous attractions: Grand Ducal Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Casemates

1. Grand Ducal Palace

If one of the travel tips you take away from this article is visiting the Grand Ducal Palace, then you will be pleased. This palace is the seat of the nation’s court. The place where the Duke works and is the historic center of the nation. Tours are given daily and you will be impressed by its history and decor. (image courtesy of Dan) The Safest Country in the World to Visit - Grand Ducal Palace

2. Notre Dame Cathedral

The government cherishes this cathedral. The cornerstone of this cathedral was laid in 1613 and then again in 1621, making it one of the oldest Cathedrals in Europe. It was a Jesuit church, but is now a Catholic cathedral. It has been a major scene in many films and hosts a name that is known by most everyone in the world.

3. Casemates

The Casemates is a recognized UNESCO historic site. The fortification, which happen to be underground, date back to around 1644. Originally, 14 miles long, these Casemates have passages as deep as 131 feet. This place has been a major tourist attraction since 1933. (image courtesy of dimo2000) The Safest Country in the World to Visit - Casemates

While many countries boast of being safe, few travel destinations can be rated as the safest year after year. This is what Luxembourg has done. The government knows how to treat visitors and the people are some of the most helpful in the world. Even if it is small, it has enough attractions to keep you coming back


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