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The Top 7 Luxury Hotels around the World

The Top 7 Luxury Hotels around the World

Are you ready for a luxury travel? Are you prepared to live and spend moments that are worth remembering for ages to come? For the remaining hundred years of your life make an effort to visit some of the best hotels around the world. You only need to pack your luggage and carry your credit cards for a very interesting journey of counting the top luxury hotels in the world. Below are the top seven best hotels around the world.

Hotel Cala di Volpe, Italy

At position seven of the top luxury hotels in the world, the hotel Cala di Volpe found in sardine, Italy. With only 32,736 US dollars per night you can get to enjoy the best moment of your life. Hotel Cala di Volpe is one of the most exquisite top luxury hotel that has a presidential suite that overlooks the amazing and sparkling brine of the beautiful Costa Smeralda. The hotel has three bed rooms that stand on top of the rambling towers and the beautiful roofs of Porto Cervo resort.

The Royal Villa, Grand Resort in Lagonissi Athens

It is one of the best hotels around the world that has a professional butler chef and a skillful pianist that will serve you at your call. The Royal Villa has two pools- an indoor pool and an outdoor pool that is heated. The gym is also available as well as a massage room and a steambath. The villa is located near a private marina and beach.

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa Pals Resort

It is another top luxury hotel found in Las Vegas. As one of the best hotels around the world the Hefner Sky Villa palms boast of having an amazing fantasy tower that is perfectly fitted with everything you would want. At only 35,487 US dollars per night you can get to enjoy its orgy-sized bath tub, bar a poker table and even an indoor waterfall (Image by Guillaume Chéruy).

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

Hotel Martinez

On your luxury travel traverse around the world do not forget to pass by France in Canness and get to hear the amazing gospel of Hotel Martinez. Hotel Martinez is very well built with two bath rooms, Hamm’ am Sauna, a shower and spa bath. At only 37,500 US dollars per night you can book a reservation at one of the luxury hotels in the world.

Four Seasons Hotel in New york

We cannot mention the top luxury hotels in the world without mentioning this amazing luxury hotel. You only need 41,836 US dollars per night to enjoy the best out of this hotel (Image by Spencer Samaroo).

Four Seasons Hotel, New York

Raj Palace Hotel

The raj palace hotel is found in Jaipur, India. It takes the second place as one of the best hotels around the world. With an extremely private surrounding the raj palace hotel has a magnificent roof terrace and a wide swimming pool that displays the beautiful city of Jaipur. It costs 45,000 US dollars per night.

Hotel President Wilson in Geneva

As the name suggest it is one of the most expensive luxury hotels in the world. This hotel is built with twelve magnificent rooms. The hotel has a very interesting view of Lake Geneva and it will only cost you 65,000 US dollars per night to book a reservation.

Finally we have seen some of the best hotels around the world and where they are found. Next time on your luxury travel, do not forget to visit one of this


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Featured image courtesy : Luxury Collection Hotels and Resorts

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