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The Variation of Foods Around the World

The Variation of Foods Around the World

There are hundreds of places a person can visit; each of these countries will have their own set of cuisine. Korean Food, Japanese Food, Mexican Food, Filipino Food and other different types of food from all over the world will have their own set of exotic flavor and list of good foods. Each country has their own way of cooking, there will always be a difference in the style of cooking depending on what kind of climate they have and the lifestyle the people are accustomed. In order to be a well-traveled person, there is a need to get to know different types of foods. Brilliant chefs who have explored goods foods all over the world are able to name some of the best delicacies in the world.

Century Eggs or Millennium Eggs

This is a Chines dish where the eggs of a chicken, duck or quail are covered in ashes and clay salt and preserved for several months. The insides of the egg will then decompose and form a green jelly like mixture which will be served to customers. The taste is a bit strong but the dish is well liked in China and the Philippines including other Asian countries.

Balut or Duck Meat Dish

While eating ducks is a normal thing for people all around the world, this dish is served differently. Balut is a dish served in the Philippines; it is a boiled fertilized duck egg. The dish is eaten by opening the shell, drinking the soup and then they will eat the developing duck baby inside. The soup tastes sweet, while the yellow part of the egg is filling, the duck on the other hand is the best part of the dish. The eggs should be beaten when it is 17 years old, but some people will wait until 21 days, so it is possible to eat this dish and experience chewing the duck beak and the feathers.

Chicken Feet

Chicken feet is eaten in countries like Korea, Thailand, China and the Philippines, westerners are not usually fond of this delicacy, but Asians love the chew and sinewy texture of the chicken feet. Koreans serve this dish with sweet and sour sauce while Filipinos like to add soy sauce and sprite soda during the cooking process (Image By avlxyz).


Boiled Intestine Sausage

This dish is found in countries like the Philippines, Korea and has also been done by native Indians in the west. This dish is made with cow or pig’s intestines and stuffed like a sausage with various ingredients like garlic. This dish is also called blood sausage and Koreans usually serve this dish with sea food ingredients like squid. It is very tasty and highly addictive especially for the first time eater.


This is a popular street food in Korea and Thailand, it is steamed or boiled silkworm pupae which is seasoned with salt and other spices. It is often served with alcohol preferably beer or gin on the streets; some would like to pair this meal with roast crickets. The silkworms are very smooth in the mouth and tasty and work best with salt and garlic.

Fried Frogs

Vietnamese and people of Thailand are fond of eating frogs; they gut and skin the frog and then steam, fry or grill the whole animal. Frogs taste like chicken meat and can be added to soup with vegetables(Image by Michael T.).


Fugu or Blowfish

This is Japanese dish also known as puffer fish. It is known worldwide as an exotic food and the fact that eating this food is risky. If prepared incorrectly the Fugu can be poisonous and can cause paralysis, only licenses chefs are allowed to prepare this dish. It is a well-sought after dish because of the delicate flavor and is also well loved by people who love to prove their manhood and adventurous side.


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Featured image courtesy : Veronique Paris