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Thrilling Sports to Learn on the Road

Thrilling Sports to Learn on the Road

Smooth roads never made good drivers, says the Englishmen, roads will always have more than you can imagine, that’s why every bend requires you to be very vigilant as it might be the last one that you will ever swerve in your life. This makes roads to be a thrill to many, whether tarmac or all weather roads, roads will forever have a thin line on them, the line that separates life and death. The idea of death makes up the thrilling sports that roads are known to offer, here are some of thrilling sports that you ought to learn on the road.

SUV burn some rubber

If you drive an SUV and you really feel that is just being underutilized, drive with it to Singapore, a great tourist destination. Singapore has some of the world’s best tarmac roads, leave them, veer off and go off road with SUVEC. Here you will find a SUV interested group, just as you are SUV members gather their cars and plans for some of the worlds thrilling off road sessions ever done by man. Some have even bigger trips that get to Malaysia and are conducted on annual basis. You will definitely enjoy riding an almost falling vehicle, leaving your car, exchange and using another car that your hands aren’t used to and feel the pressure of driving build up your spine. You will definitely come for another ride the next time you visit Singapore.  Thrilling Sports to Learn on the Road - Mountain Bike Mountain biking

Not all road users are motorists but they still get the road thrill that motorists get, the mountain biking experience is one of the thrilling sports that you can ever undertake on roads. In the real sense mountain biking consists of off road bicycle riding that often done on very rough terrains. Only specially adapted mountain bikes do well in this arena, this is because, despite sharing major similarities with other bicycles, mountain bikes have they own unique and well in cooperated design that is meant to increase its durability and at the same time give outstanding performances on rough terrains. (Image by Tim Phillips)


Roads adventures have never been thrilling without one trying out motocross, a thrilling sport that must send shivers down your spine. Motocross is an all terrain vehicle or motorcycle sport that’s usually held on enclosed off-road circuits. The sport has really evolved from the old days it was known as trials and scrambles to what it are today. Currently the sport is even combining cross country with French moto, BMX and bicycle motocross which is currently equates to non motorized dirt bike sport.  Thrilling Sports to Learn on the Road - BMXBMX

BMX is a type of motocross that mainly aims at providing extreme racing for cyclists in a motocross style. The race involves extreme racing tracks that have inline starts and expressive obstacles. BMX also coincidentally refers to the type of bicycles that’s ideally designed for this type of sport that is dirt motocross cycling. (Image by Asier Arco)

Thrilling road sports are quite easy to learn and master, all they require is a daring person and a willing heart. The thrill associated with the sports is what drives you and makes you really want to explore another outrageous activity, once a member of this sport, you spirit will always be inclined to have more and more. Try some of these sporting activities the next time you travel.


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Featured image courtesy  by Nazariy Kryvosheyev