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Tips on Traveling to Brussels, Belgium

Tips on Traveling to Brussels, Belgium

The capital city of Belgium is called Brussels, just in case you do not know. As the capital city, it is a decent travel destination to explore and you can also make it a great stopover between Amsterdam and Paris. Such a strategic location, don’t you think so? Brussels is famously known for its snack and beautiful landscapes.

Below is a list of tips on traveling to Brussels:

Public Transportation

Let’s take an example. You have just arrived in Brussels, but you have a plan to visit Ghent before heading to Brugge and head back to Brussels once more. You can easily reach all of these destinations via Rail Europe for less than AU$30 per trip! You can also travel from Antwerp to Brussels for AU$16 each trip and AU$15 from Brussels to Lier. Traveling via train is a very good way to view the landscapes of the country. The beaches and mountains will definitely thrill you as you’re taken by the train to move around from one station to another. However, we do not recommend for you to take taxis as the fare can get pretty expensive for just 5-minute ride. Try to avoid them, if possible.(Image by Pieter van Marion)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Public TransportationTips on Traveling to Brussels, Belgium

Accommodation and Food

Finding accommodation in Brussels is pretty much the same as in any other capital cities around the world. You get to find for a night in a dorm or private room of a hostel easily for around AU$60. For a budget hotel, the cost will start from AU$79 and above for a double-bed room. You will be able to find eateries anywhere around Brussels and for quick nourishment, it will cost around AU$15 per serving. There are also great meal in a decent restaurant with table service and on the off chance that you want to cook your own meal, all you need to do is search around the markets in the city to find for the ingredients.

Tourist Attractions

Manneken Pis is probably one of the most famous tourist attractions in Brussels. It is actually a bronze fountain with a figure portraying a naked young guy urinating into the bowl of the fountain. It is said that it was designed by Jerome Duquesnoy. Another great places to visit include the most prevalent vacation destinations in Brussels, the Grand Palace, and the Horta Museum. For an extraordinary fusion of architectural styles, head over to the recreation center at Laeken, where you get to see the Japanese tower and Chinese Pavilion respectively. Upon request by King Leopold II, these two oriental structures were built and designed right after his visit to the 1900 Paris’ Exhibition.(Image by Michael)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Tourist Attractions Tips on Traveling to Brussels, Belgium

One of the great things about visiting Brussels is the fact you will never lack of food to help grow your waistline. You will also be able to taste the local beer. Waffles, frites and chocolates are just a few snacks you get to try during your trip to the capital city of Belgium. If you wish, you can visit the chocolate shops to watch the staff preparing for them. Brussels is truly a paradise for all of the travelers with sweet tooth!


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