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Tips to Make Your Honeymoon More Romantic

Tips to Make Your Honeymoon More Romantic

All set to embark on that much awaited romantic honeymoon? As you prepare to lounge in the scenic environs of your chosen heavenly destination and get pampered by the hospitality of some of the most happening accommodation facilities in the world, these tips will go a very long way in making your special bond stronger and provide some wonderful memoirs -to be cherished for a lifetime.
Rub in the Oil-the Right Way!

Having more romantic ideas up your sleeve is always welcome -especially if you have just tied the nuptial knot. It certainly pays to have some massage techniques in place; so, if you can get your hands on a do-it-yourself book then read the same on your journey to that ultimate honeymoon destination. You may also like to enjoy some special spa moments together -just go for the same; your resort will surely boast of a well equipped spa! Look around for mood enhancing lotions like those containing Lavender, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Jasmine or ask your aroma therapist to mix up some blends that will set the mood for romance. Remember, to take your favorite music along-it’s the most subtle way of making your spouse know that you are ready for some fun. (image by Yaksheeta Sri)

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Candles and the Right Lingerie

You are obviously aware by now that scented candles can prove to be the best mood invigorators and setters. Their soft flickering glows have always been the focal point of romance. Just remember to pack them in discreetly or organize with your hotel’s desk to have some aromatic candles placed at the right spots in your bedroom and bathroom -just before you both let yourself in. Yet another thing that always manages to set the romantic mood and your spouse’s heart racing is white, black or red silk lingerie’s from the store of your favorite designer. A word of advice -remember to pull them out after you are half way into your honeymoon-this keeps the  flame burning until the time you are ready to head back home. Remember to slip into bed wearing your spouse’s favored perfume or cologne -the act is a good trigger for romance.

Bubble Baths-Always a Winner!

Be it for sipping in the bath or for a bath -bubbles are always a winner! Your honeymoon is Is that one “vacation” where you can forget about compromising on quality. Go in for the finest French champagne, the best bubble baths and all the favorite toiletries that make it to the wish list of your beloved.

Relax and Relax all the More

There is nothing more romantic that cuddling up together and relaxing on your honeymoon. Look forward to a romantic candlelit dinner on your hotel’s balcony; sip that piping cup of coffee as the sun prepares to rise over golden beaches; walk hand in hand in lush vistas and rolling meadows…….. Or simply lounge in each other’s arms. You just cannot relax enough on your honeymoon. (image by  Simon Goodway)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Tips to make your Honeymoon more Romantic Relax and Relax all

There is no dearth of tips that can make your honeymoon memorable -read them up or create your own -either way, you are the winner!

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