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Top 6 Free Attractions in Spain

Top 6 Free Attractions in Spain

As far as planning for a vacation is concerned, free tourists attractions are a must visit. Irrespective of how extravagant or how budget mindful your travel plans are, you ought to capitalize on any free attraction site. Free attractions sites are common in many countries; Spain is not left out either. Most people to spend their valuable time in beaches or in casinos instead of getting out of those cocoons and discovering the world they are in. here are some seven free things you can do while in Spain.

Running the bulls
This is a great festival in Spain; it’s carried out between 6th to 14th July every year. If you happen to be in Spain during this time, this is definitely not an occasion to miss. The event entails running in front of twelve bulls that are let loose to the city streets. Caution should be taken as it’s a very risky activity and every year 30 to 300 people are injured and have to be whisked away by ambulances to the hospitals. The game will really get your adrenaline high.

La Concha beach

Spain is well known for its magnificent architecture and rich histories but beyond that lies some of the world most incredible beaches. La Concha is one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, its located in San Sebastian Spain.  You can enjoy surfing and swimming or just walking in the sandy beaches with your sweetheart. There are also great hotels where you can enjoy dining with your friends and family as you look at the beautiful and incredible seas. Top 6 Free Attractions in Spain - Aqueduct Segovia

Aqueduct, Segovia

This great monument is believed to have been constructed in the 50 AD and is believed to be among the best preserved monuments in the world. The aqueduct was uniquely designed to channel water for over than ten miles and was built with 24000 granite rocks. What marvels most is that the rocks were actually chiseled and incised by hand. Though it no longer supplies water it used to serve the locals until later in the late 20th century. (Image by Tamás Buti)

Madrid’s royal palace

Madrid’s royal palace is usually open to the public every Wednesday. Every year the place has been known to attract millions of visitors despite the fact that the royal palace no longer resides there. While at the site, you will be amazed to see the cognitive ability of man in those years, skillful architecture and beautiful carvings make this palace to be one of its kind. Capitalize on the free Wednesday and visit this incredible palace.

Museo Arqueologico Nacional

This is the home to Europe’s largest collection of great artifacts from classical Greece and the ancient Egypt. The museum highlights a careful replicated prehistoric cave that is ideal for children and adult picture taking. Top 6 Free Attractions in Spain - Las ramblas in Barcelona

Las ramblas in Barcelona

One of the world’s famous streets Las Ramblas street lives resembles that of Boulevard Hollywood. You will enjoy street performances, hawking store proprietors, motionless statues and wonderful restaurants. The street is just worth to visit. (Image by Carlos Lorenzo)

Spain is autonomously a country to visit. Keep yourself busy and explore these great places for free. You will be happy to come back quenched with lots of knowledge and loads of fun. You might consider these places the next time you travel to Spain.


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Featured image courtesy  by Jose Maria Miñarro Vivancos

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  1. If you happen to be in Spain in the early part of July, you have got to be in Pamplona. This is the town where the famous (rather, infamous) festival of Running of the Bulls is celebrated.


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