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10 Interesting Facts Probably You Do Not Know About India

10 Interesting Facts Probably You Do Not Know About India

India is the land worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Discover India and be astounded by some of the world’s most interesting tourist destinations. As the world’s second most populous city, India is home to diverse and rich cultures, interesting traditions and rituals, vibrant and fascinating festivals, and enchanting religious ceremonies.

There are some interesting and unknown facts every traveler should know about India. This proves that India and the Indian culture is melting pot of wonders that would astonish every traveler.

1. Remarkable Topographical Variance

India is home to almost all kinds of landscape imaginable. Along the northern part of India is the world’s highest mountain range and in the southern part are stunning valleys, plateaus, deserts, tropical rain forests and opulent sandy beaches.

2. Fascinating Architectural Structures

The diversity of Indian culture is best exemplified by the assortment of architectural marvels. Famous monuments such as the Taj Mahal, considered as among the Seven Wonders of the World, depict the richness of Mughal architecture. Hindu architecture is evident in various temples such as the Sun Temple, Konark Temple and the Chennakesava Temple. Modern and Art Deco architecture is best exemplified by the Nariman Point in Mumbai(image by Nara J). About-India-Indian-Architecture

Indian Architecture


3. Cinematic Supremacy

One of the unknown facts is that the Indian film industry. Bollywood, based in the city of Mumbai, is the largest movie industry in the world. One noticeable characteristic of every Bollywood film is the integration of cultural dances within the movie.


4. Divergence of Languages

People speak different languages, depending on the state or region. There are at least 17 languages and 1,652 dialects recognized by the government. Hindi and English are the official languages used in many regions. And considering the country’s population, it is virtually an unknown fact that India currently has the largest number of English-speaking population in the world.


5. Significant Contribution in Mathematics

Unknown to many, Indians made a number of significant contributions to algebra, trigonometry and calculus. Furthermore, India is also attributed with the mathematical concept of zero as a number.


6. Home of Great Ancient Civilization

Discover India and know its significant contribution to human civilization. One of the greatest ancient civilizations is developing along the valleys of Indus River, much larger than the Egyptian and Mesopotamian empire.


7. Colorful Festivals and Celebrations

Millions of Tourists from all over the globe converge in India every year to see the magnificence of the Indian culture depicted in the many festivals and celebrations joined by the entire neighborhood. Some of the most famous festivals are Diwali, Christmas and Holi Festivals. During these festivals, Indian people share delicious treats among everyone present. The biggest festival, the Kumbh Mela, happens once every 12 years. It is the biggest Hindu festival attended over 60 million people (Image by Gay Travel Advice). About-India-Indian-Festival-Holi

Indian Festival – Holi


8. It’s The World’s Largest Democracy.

India, with its over 1 billion population, is regarded as the second most populous city is the world and is home to the world’s largest democracy.


9. Ancient Religious Practice in The Modern Context.

When you visit India, don’t be surprised to see cows freely-wandering along the city streets. Even in this modern context, ancient Hindu beliefs are still widely practiced and cows are considered a symbol of good luck.


10. Highly Developed Arts.

Dancing is one single thing that would best represent the highly developed Indian arts, characterized by unique and expressive hand movements. It has also become an integral part of the worship in every temple.


Once you get to know India, you will simply be fascinated how the country has able to maintain their diverse cultures and traditions that has spanned many centuries, and at the same time, keep up with modern advancements, taking in India one of the world’s powerful and largest economies. If you are planning to explore South Asia, it is best to commence your travel to this beautiful and majestic land.




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Featured image courtesy :  Ancilla Tilia


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