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4 Amazing Family attractions in Vietnam

4 Amazing Family attractions in Vietnam

Are you planning to have a family holiday in Vietnam? This interesting country will surely amaze you and your whole family to beautiful views and awesome tourist attractions. Before you even book for a ticket to Vietnam make sure that you have all the necessary documents and you have updated information about the country. The northern part of Vietnam has four season, while the southern part only has dry and wet season. Vietnam is not only composed of rice fields and flat plains, just like what everyone expects. When you arrive there, you will have more attractions to see and more activities to do. Here are four amazing family attractions in Vietnam that you should never miss.

1. The Vinpearl in Nha Trang

This is one of the most visited family attractions in Vietnam as it’s family-friendly and there are so many activities to enjoy. You will be amazed of the lovely beaches of the resorts in Nha Trang with fine sand, nice warm breeze, and the clear sea waters. The Vinpearl huge theme park includes one of the longest cable car system, wherein you can view the sea and the beaches of Nha Trang. Your kids will have a great time with the Under Water World and the amusement park. An Amphitheater, a luxurious shopping mall, and a world-class food village are easily located in the area to entertain you and satisfy your desires for the holidays.

2. Hoi An

This is a fishing village that turned into a popular tourist destination, because of its well-preserved historically old structures. This part of Vietnam is also considered to be the Venice of Vietnam due to its narrow canals the separates the ancient buildings. During nighttime, you will also see stunning and delightful lights from a colorful Vietnamese-made lanterns which romantically reflects on the waters of the sea and the canals. Hoi An is also a great haven for shoppers as you can shop and buy cheap locally-made dresses, shoes, bags, and many more. You can even have them customized for your taste and style. Tourists also love the safety and the ingenuity of this place in Vietnam.

3. Sa Pa Terraces

As Vietnam is considered to be one of the biggest exporters of rice and grain products in the world, you and your family should never miss out to visit how these exported grains are planted and grown in the land. You will truly appreciate how Vietnamese farmers plow, plant, and harvest the grain products. The sight is also really attractive as you can see plantation stairs on the mountains created by the locals. The scenic view of these plantations is definitely one-of-a-kind that you don’t see every day.

4. Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is the former Saigon, which house the famous Cu Chi Tunnels. This underground tunnels have great historical backgrounds. It was built by simple tools and bare hands to provide refuge for the Vietnamese during the war. People can visit these interesting tunnels with tour buses that are available daily. Discover how the Cu Chi people of the past saved their lives and lived underground through these tunnels. This tour will certain help you and your family appreciate the free life that you’re living today.

There are still more sights to see and more places to visit in Vietnam. But these four amazing tourist destinations are some of the best places to visit, especially if it’s your first time in Vietnam. Family holiday in Vietnam will definitely have a great impact on how you view life as you enjoy the tours, the shopping, and all the other activities that you can do in Vietnam.


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