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6 Amazing Attractions in Nigeria You Must See

6 Amazing Attractions in Nigeria You Must See

Nigeria known as “The Giant of Africa” is among the most popular destinations of Africa in terms of tourism. It is the most populous country in Africa and the 7th most populous country of the world. The Nigerian culture is full of amazing traditions that are worth to experience, beside this it has plenty of attractions for the tourists who are interested in exploring wild life and some architectural history. You can comfortably explore Nigeria by car as many of its key tourist sites are close to each other. You can purchase a local car and sell it using local free ads sites. Check in advance the driver license needs and obtain international driver license. So below is the list of 6 Amazing Attractions in Nigeria to visit by Car


Abuja is the Nigeria’s capital city which is located in the center of Nigeria and considered among the most attractive destinations to visit. Abuja is a well-planned city and it has numerous pieces of attractions prominently including Abuja National Mosque which reflects the great architectural work of 90s. Besides this Abujas monumental rocks are quite popular among visitors. The two monumental rocks are Zuma and Aso Rocks, Zuma rock is 725 meters above its surroundings and is also known as “Gateway to Abuja”, whereas Aso rock is among the most prominent aspect of Abuja as it is surrounded by Nigerian Presidential Complex, Supreme Court and National Assembly(Image by PJD-DigiPic)

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The Kainji National park

It is situated in Kwara state in the Southeast part of Nigeria. The Park consists of a beautiful kainji dam which is an artificial lake covers the town of old Bussa. An exciting boat cruise and tour of the lake delivers the extreme fun and adventure. It incorporates the Borgu game reserve and zugurma game reserve where a number of tourists come to enjoy the part of the holidays.

Ogbunike Cave

The caves are located in Ogbunike, Anambra State of the Nigeria which attracts the several visitors all around the world. Ogbunike caves are the collection of multiple mazes and made up of solid rocks. The mysterious hemispherical vaults of the cave offer the extreme adventure and the water dripping cool spring makes your excitement to the highest level.

Ikogosi Water Falls

Ikogsi is a small town in the Ekiti west state of the beautiful Nigeria. It is a captivating water fall which comprised of international limelight because of the warm and cold springs flow. The potential travelers always come to this place and enjoy the nature’s abundance.

Cross River National Park

This is the most visited park in Nigeria. The Cross River National Park is an antic to pass all the way through. It originated from the town of Ikom, whose road towards Cameroon form impressed monoliths in the form of circles, suspected to be a prehistoric tribute to ancestors. The park consists of sultry forest storing with gently sloping hills and Bravura Mountains.


Lagos is among the best cities of Africa to have tour. Lagos which is Nigeria’s former capital city serves as commercial capital city. Lagos is famous for three major reasons. First Lagos is famous for its ideal climate, beaches and amazing attractions. Secondly it is biggest markets of petroleum products and oil exports. This beautiful and blessed city of Nigeria is contributing a lot in the growth of the economy of Nigeria. Thirdly Lagos is most populous city in Africa after Cairo which is capital of Egypt. Lagos is also an important place to sell your travel gear(Image by Roy Luck)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Lagos Amazing Attractions in Nigeria You Must See

In conclusion Nigeria is a country rich of diverse culture. It stands out among the most cultural countries in Africa and one which whose culture has stood out the test of times into the modern days. Nigeria has over 12 ethnic communities each with its own unique culture. Additionally these communities are further divided into two religious sites that are Christian and Muslim making Nigeria among the most preferred cultural tourist centers not only in Africa but all around the globe.


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