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6 Great Family Travel Holiday Ideas

6 Great Family Travel Holiday Ideas

Family holidays, besides being opportune moments for bonding, provide spectacular opportunities to dive into exotic cultures or experience wildlife in a most memorable manner. Family holidays offer a much desired chance to rest, learn and explore while creating indelible memories that go a long way to adding joy and satisfaction to any family. Various tourist destinations are endowed with extraordinarily interesting attractions, be it physical sites like mountains or wild game which could just be the perfect destinations for a family tour.

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti is home to a horde of wildlife and most spectacularly the big five that is the lion, elephant, rhinoceros, leopard and the buffalo. This is inarguably a most ideal destination for kids who enjoys Animal Planet or is thrilled by Lion King as it is guaranteed to fulfill their wildest dreams. A safari also develops a sense of appreciation for nature in both children and adults. The over 1.5 million wild beast migration also makes Serengeti a most spectacular destination which is worth consideration.(Image by ngaire hart )

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Serengeti National Park Great Family Travel Holiday Ideas


The refreshing water as well as treks up the mountains of Austria is a guaranteed recipe for adventure, fun and relaxation. This number one family holiday destination is ideal for walks and bike riding which guarantees maximum fun for both parents and children. With so much to experience ranging from tantalizing local cuisine, rich culture and safety, a tour to Austria is one you will not regret. Vienna, the capital of Austria provides amazing attractions like the Children’s Museum and the world’s oldest zoo and is perfect for a cost friendly trip with kids.


The mention of Hawaii triggers images of captivating exotic dancers and clear ocean water. For those with the desire to make the Hawaii experience a reality, the Islands of Aloha are a most perfect destination. Hawaii is very welcoming to those visiting with children owing from the locals great appreciation for families and most especially children. It harbors a rich heritage of volcanic activity of over 25 million years ago which eventually led to the formation of the Islands.


Beside the historic Great Wall of China, one would spend an entire lifetime exploring this amazing country. Beginning with her rich culture and technological advancement there is only so much one can explore on a single tour which makes it ideal for a fun and activity filled experience. The delicious cuisine will have even the fussiest kids settled, satisfied and happy.


The first thing that comes into mind on the mention of France is most definitely the Eiffel Tower. Besides this is the capital Paris which is famed for its dazzling scenery. Interesting activities also include skiing on the Alps which makes even cold climatic conditions fun and memorable. The numerous fun activities will most certainly leave children delightfully exhausted in just a few days.(Image by Cuba Gallery)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - France Great Family Travel Holiday Ideas

This wonderful Island can be described as a melting point of traditions and cultures whose beauty is magnified by its turquoise waters and warm population. Trekking, scuba diving and the amazing food make Mauritius a unique destination that will have visitors wanting to visit again and again.

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