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6 Holidays in Europe Perfect for Young Families

6 Holidays in Europe Perfect for Young Families

A perfect family holiday should cater for both adults and children. However, ticking all the boxes is not that easy. Naturally, compromises have to be made to keep everyone happy. The following six types of holiday are great for those wanting a fun family holiday in Europe.


  1. Brittany, France: Beach Fun

For those families in the UK that want a little adventure, why not have a holiday in France and take the ferry across with you car packed with luggage and bikes and explore Northern France. Brittany Ferries has some great offers on during school holidays. The area has some great family friendly beaches and you can choose to stay in a variety of types of accommodation such as a family farm, cottage or campsite in this lovely corner of rural France.

  1. Sardinia, Italy: Animal attraction

In case your kids visit the “old Macdonald Had a Farm” stage, they should go straight to La Collina, a reinstated country estate located in north-west Sardinia, the place where sheep, swine, as well as donkeys produce their brays to the satisfaction of their hearts. There is a kids’ play area, site restaurant, 2 pools, and a number of best beaches in Med suitable for kids that have not yet joined school are nearby. Accommodation is available in self-service apartments or even separate cottages (image by Yoon Sann Wong).

Sardinia Italy sheeps
A week stay at La Collina costs an average of 870 pounds per adult as well as 15 pounds per kid including car lease.

  1. Spain, Portugal, France: Family cruise

Stay away from dragging your irritable kids in the airport by going for an alternative: a cruise vacation leaving from Southampton and making stop-over at Vigo, Lisbon, Le Verdon as well as Brest. In the cruise ships, there are kid’s clubs that are age-specific and have Noddy offering additional amusement for 2-4 year olds. For parents longing for dinner a deux, there’s a night-time nursery designed for children aged 6 months to 5 years, as well as baby-listening.

  1. England – Devon and Cornwall

Both Devon and Cornwall in the South West of England are very popular holiday destinations for young families and it’s easy to see why. An abundance of family safe beaches are located in this area with some of the best beaches in Europe according to Trip Advisor – Woolacombe in Devon was voted 7th best beach in Europe. There is fantastic family friendly self-catering accommodation close to this beach at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks and lots of things to do for all the family both at the parks and nearby.

There are many surf schools (all of the main surfing beaches on the North coast have them!) that will teach the whole family to surf (image by John Stratford).

Cornwall  England


  1. Mallorca, Spain: Fly and Fop

A countryside setting and fenced swimming pool that have moderate steps make Casa Margarita in countryside Mallorca perfect for vacations with children. Nappies as well as formula can be ordered and delivered to you, whilst cots and toddler’s equipment are offered alongside optional foodstuff for the refrigerator, meals or even (bliss!) beauty therapies by the swimming pool.

The accommodation is situated well far from tourist nice spots although within easy access of 3 restaurants, tavern, bakery, superstore as well as a post office.

6. Normandy, France: Rural Idyll
Rock-a-bye your children to slumber inside treetops that are located in southern Normandy. La Renardiere can be termed as a 5-berth tree house draped around an aged chestnut tree that has space for tying a hammock or 2. Inside it’s every mod with refrigerator, microwave, flushing toilets as well as showers, whilst outside it is back to natural world full of wildflowers fields, forest and a reserved area where neighboring schoolchildren use to do their nature projects.


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Feature image by Elizabeth Earley