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6 Unique Cultural Events in Brazil You Cannot Miss

6 Unique Cultural Events in Brazil You Cannot Miss

What comes to mind when you think about Brazil? Football? The Statue of Jesus? Or is it images of the lush evergreen forests in the Amazon forests? Well, whatever your idea of Brazil, you better start planning a trip to this beautiful South American country because it is actually loaded with sights to see, adventures to be had, and unique cultural event that every travelling enthusiast must see.

In truth, Brazil is an exciting place filled with both natural and human-made wonders; but, for a start, take a glimpse at these captivating 6 cultural events full of life and colour.

Parintins Folklore Festival

If you are looking for interesting folklore that is expressed and celebrated in the most interesting way, then book yourself a spot to see the Parintins Folklore Festival. It is an event that celebrates the story of an ox that died and came back to life. But wait; just because we talked about a dead resurrected ox does not mean this event has any deathly tone to it. On the contrary, Parintins Folklore Festival is a colourful exciting event filled with dance, elaborate floats and eye-catching costumes. The show goes on for 6 hours and takes place for three days in late June.

Brazilian Beer Festival

Do you enjoy a couple of beers with a few great friends? Then how about a whole lot of different flavours of beer with a huge crowd of ecstatic friendly people? That is what the Brazilian Beer Festival offers – and more. The festival is not just about drinking alcohol. It’s about happy festival goers in some of the most colourful costumes performing neat dances, songs, plays and other arts. All in all, the Brazilian Beer Festival is an event not to be missed, even if you cannot handle a bottle of beer.

Brazilian Beer Festival

Oktoberfest of Blumenau 

Are you looking for a great exciting reason to travel to Brazil? Then mark your calendar for the Oktoberfest of Blumenau. It is a festival of Germanic origin, but it is one of the biggest cultural events in the Americas. It was started to revive both the economy of the land, and the moods of the inhabitants after the big flooding of Itajaí-Açu River in 1984. You can bet that is a job the Octoberfest of Blumenau does well. The festival is fun-filled with colourful street parades, and a beauty pageant where contestants display not only their beauty but also their creativity and resourcefulness.

Brazilian Carnival 

The Brazilian Carnival is one of the most electric festivals you will ever see. It is where Christianity meets African-Brazilian culture and local folklore. The event is filled with music and dance spearheaded by the elaborate samba school, which is a club dedicated to performing samba music and dance, sometimes on generously decorated floats. The festival pulls in huge numbers of both local and foreign visitors- 4.9 million in 2011. The Brazilian festival has variations depending on the city you experience it from, which provides the visitor with an endless source of fresh entertainment and fun.

brazil Carnival

The Bahian Carnival 

The Bahian Carnival has been dubbed the world’s largest party. It takes place in Salvador, Bahia. This is not just another festival. It is an explosion of fun and happiness that will definitely take you from being a spectator to an active participant without even knowing it. During the festival, kilometres of open streets are filled with ecstatic dancers enjoying food and drink, and fun exhilarating music for almost a week. There is no better way to experience the wonderful people of Brazil.

New Year’s in Copacabana 

The Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro is the party capital of Rio, and there is no better place to celebrate the coming of the New Year. The sky above is lit by colourful firework displays and the ground below is filled with thousands upon thousands of joyous party goers from within Brazil and the globe. Traditionally, the festival goers have to wear white to symbolise peace and prosperity for the coming year. But, the festival is by no means quiet and ‘peaceful’. It is one giant electric fun-house that will definitely prepare you for the New Year in the most fun way.

There are more fun-filled events throughout the year for you, your friends and family to see in Brazil. Or you can just visit the country to experience its unique flora and fauna in the evergreen equatorial rain forests. Now, what’s one of the biggest reasons you have second thoughts about visiting Brazil? Chances are it’s the hectic travelling where you have to go from point A then to B, C and finally Brazil. But, there is great news; TAM Airways now has a flight from North America straight to Brazil, meaning the wonderful country is just a ticket away.

Go right ahead and dive in. Check what event best suits you and get the booking going.

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