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Activity Ideas to Spice Up Your Holiday

Activity Ideas to Spice Up Your Holiday


California is a fantastic destination with all kinds of magnificent attractions that will make every summer camp worker enjoy as stay here. From the picturesque Sierra Nevada mountain ranges which run down the eastern side of the state complete with Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and Mammoth Lakes. It also has endless miles of coastlines with a beautiful mix of beautiful sandy beaches and rugged coastal areas.

The state of California is vast and when considering working in a summer camp, you have to choose the type of camp that is ideal for you. You may choose to work at an outdoor wilderness camp or be based in a university and work in one of the many technology camps that are popular in recent days and also probably get involved in arts and music related camps. (image by Markus Spiering)

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There are different roles available in a summer camp and they include camp counselors and support staff (see Camp Leaders for more summer camp jobs). As a camp counselor, you will get involved directly with the campers providing guidance in certain areas and also acting as a supervisor in sports and games. Support staff member generally work behind the scenes providing services such as cleaning, office work, maintenance and cooking.

With all the amazing camps in California, it is hard not to get the ideal one that you can blend in and interact with different kinds of people as well as indulge in many fun activities that you will be vaguely aware that you are still at work.


Costa Rica is a land of tranquility and peace amongst its beautiful natural surroundings and an epitome of political stability in a troubled region. It is a land of dense jungles, active volcanoes and pristine sandy beaches whose geographical contrasts make seem much bigger than it really is. Much effort has been put to ensure protection of animals and birds in biological reserves, wildlife refuges and private reserves.

With more than a quarter of the country under protection, you will be amazed by the impressive array of species in this country; from birds to mammals and reptiles. From elusive jaguars, to the stunning birds like green and scarlet macaws and to howler monkeys, Costa Rica is a precious animal kingdom.

Along its sandy beaches, sea turtles lay their eggs which sometimes are in danger of destruction by other animals or humans. However there are efforts to ensure that the sea turtles do not face extinction by ensuring that the eggs are protected until they hatch.(image by Cristal Azul)

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As a volunteer with turtles in Costa Rica (see,there are various activities that fill up your day. You can act as a guard near the nestling areas helping to protect the eggs from poachers. Sometimes if the eggs are in very remote areas they have to be collected and placed safely into hatcheries and this is also another important role. In the protection zones there is always research related work which often involves data collection along the beaches of interest, this is also a role that needs to be taken up. You can choose a role that best suits you and go ahead to volunteer in your field of choice.


France is the land of fine living, beautiful cities, dazzling beaches, soaring mountain ranges and stunning countryside sceneries. It is the place where a golf holiday could be so much more combined with sightseeing, culinary and wine tours and anything else you would like on the side.

As with everything else in France being stylish and top of the world, the golf courses are also not left behind. You will find delightful classic courses around major cities and out in the French provinces modern and fashionable club houses.

You can play golf in scenic areas in Normandy with its array of great courses inland or along its stunning coastline (check for options). Other regions with incredible golfing facilities include Brittany, Chantilly and Bordeaux. Golfing breaks in France are not as popular as in other places in Europe such as Portugal and United Kingdom but it does not mean that golfing here is not world class. In fact you can enjoy playing in some of the most incredible courses in Europe at very reasonable green fees.(image by Andy Hewitt)

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Whether you want a seaside golf break, or tee off in a scenic rural setting, playing golf in France is never limited by regional differences. Golfing holidays in France also give you an opportunity to sample the delicacies that this fantastic country is well known for.


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