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Educational Trips for Your Kids out in the UK

Educational Trips for Your Kids out in the UK

If you are looking for somewhere to take the kids for a day out where they might actually learn something (other than what the double cheeseburger tastes like, or what their Pokémon looks like after it evolves…), it can be pretty difficult trying to come up with ideas.

But if you take a look around these fair green isles of ours, you may well be surprised at the sort of educational days out available to you. You and the kids can pick up zoology, botany, rocket science (it’s not ro–… oh wait) and even palaeontology (that’s dinosaurs to you and me).

Take a look at our examples below for some amazing educational inspiration – you’ll have a fab time! One piece of advice though – don’t tell the kids it’s “educational”; it’s practically a curse word…

In the South West

Although Devon doesn’t see many mammoths or smilodons (sabre-toothed tiger) these days, they used to be common as muck. You can actually still see them for yourself, albeit in fossil form. Because of the lack of glaciation in the area, it’s totally unique in terms of preservation.

Go for a cruise around the coast of the English Riviera Geopark for the absolute best views of prehistory, and make sure to take a walking tour through Kents Cavern, which cover more than 400 million years of history, including half a million’s worth of human activity.

If you’re looking for something a little more literary, Torquay was the birthplace of one Agatha Christie – you might have heard of her! Visit her holiday home, now a National Trust property, which looks as it would have done in the ‘50s. Also, go to Torquay in September for the Agatha Christie festival!

In the North West

Anyone who’s longing to take to the skies should head to Manchester Airport – not to jet off to warmer climes, but to peruse the Runway Visitor Park, which offers unparalleled views of the runways, a tour of the museum and even a chance to pretend to be the pilot of the Concorde!

For some botanical wonders, go for a day out at Ness Gardens in Merseyside. There are more than ten thousand different types of plants out on display, with many of them being rare or unusual, and the Dee estuary makes a great spot for a nice picnic lunch too!

In the North East

Newcastle is home to the incredible Centre for Life, which is like a superhero of science facilities – to many, it’s the mild-mannered world class science research centre, but to the rest of us it’s just a fun, indoor, sciencey theme park!

For a trip through the stars, head to the Solar Coaster, a 4D motion ride taking you on a tour of the planets. If that’s piqued your curiosity, find out more in a David Tennant-narrated planetarium show, or stay closer to home with the Human Life Exhibition.

With your minds fully blown, head over to Lime Street for something a little more laid-back – Seven Stories is the UK’s only children’s book museum.

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