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Extreme Sports For That Adrenaline Rush

Extreme Sports For That Adrenaline Rush

Are you looking towards being labeled as an adrenaline junkie? 2014 promises to be all about new adventures and a lot more. With more and more people looking towards traveling in large groups; families and circles of friends are now making a beeline for various avenues that boast of extreme sporting facilities. So, plan an outing with your loved ones, learn the nuances of a new sport -you will certainly be amazed at all that is in store.

Walking with the Lions

Call it majestic Mauritius or the most mystical place on Earth-this nation exudes an outwardly charm and exuberance that lures tourists for reasons more than one. If you have been looking for experiences that are way beyond normal and promise to raise your adrenaline rush to the highest level, then you are surely in the right place. How about walking along with lions that make you skip your heartbeat, provide hours of entertainment and make you take back some of the most amazing captures of their ferocious faces and royal manes. Read on for some amazing experiences -you may look forward to the same too. (image by Escape Travel)

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Yessss! I actually petted an adult lion that help up its tail in amusement. Even as I forced a broad smile for the benefit of the camera, honestly at that moment I wished I was elsewhere. I trusted in the Almighty as I took the famed ‘Walk with the Lions’ tour in the scenic precincts of the Casela Nature Park. Located in Mauritius, this much popular sightseeing sight is a haven for photographers, extreme adventure lovers and regular vacationers alike. As I trudged along, I soon managed to overcome my fears– in a manner that every other moment spent with big cats remains etched as happy memoirs, even today.

Our team guide was a chirpy and knowledgeable Mauritian who managed to keep the air light-hearted all through the 15-20 minute walk. We found ourselves in the company of a 10-member group of tourists from various nationalities. After going through an exhaustive session of rules and regulations like do not run and shout, stay in a huddle behind the lion, keep your stick visible at all times as the big cats have grown up respecting it and keep mobile phones on silent mode……. We were soon advancing along muddy jungle tracks; just like a human component of the pride.

We were led onwards by Shoomba, the adult lion. He had a royal swagger and chose to rest with a cub atop a dense trees branch after every few minutes-beaming down on us with curious smiles. Well, if you have been planning to escape a lion by climbing on to a tree-just forget it!(image by Escape Travel)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Extreme Sports for that Adrenaline Rush lion

We found that lions could instinctively sense fear and had excited nerves every time one of us pulled out a camera or came a wee bit closer. In fact, every time that happened, I simply started humming a song to keep myself calm and fear at bay. The walk culminated with the sun setting down on the jungles that are home to these lions-a rare treat indeed!

Are you ready?

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