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Go Green at These Eco-Resorts of the World

Go Green at These Eco-Resorts of the World

Planning to “go green” in one of the most happening eco-resorts this year? These places are well equipped with the finest facilities and promise to make your holiday all the more pleasing and full of fun. Read on for more.

Maison Anglaise, Taroudant, Morocco

Walk into the sunset or lounge back in the comfortable environs of a Moroccan roof terrace standing astride the warm and welcoming Maison Anglaise. Home to a tall and dominating medina house tucked in the walled town of Taroudant, the eco-resort of Maison Anglaise is the best place to steep your senses in the bounties of Berber traditions and culture. Here, you may look forward to guided tours of rural villages, beekeeping and soap-making cooperatives, sustainable practices and the much acclaimed Green Key eco-labeled initiatives like locally grown produce  and use of solar panels and some of the most delectable cuisines of the region. Taste your wines along with a multi-colored platters of Moroccan salads, savor the views of the High Atlas beyond or simply find other interesting ways of ending your day in Taroudant’s souqs. The highlight of this British-owned Maison Anglaise is its especially warm welcome-led by Said and Latifa, the owner-couple of this property. (image by Thanh My & Yves-Noël-Marie)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Go Green at these Eco-Resorts of the World Maison Anglaise, Taroudant, Morocco

Earthship Rentals, Taos, USA

If you were  looking for a chance for staying completely off the grid , ten you can get it here. Situated in the foothills of the scenic Sangre de Cristo Mountains and in close proximity to Taos, New Mexico is a small collection of houses that remind you of the whims and fancies of Gaudí masterpieces and the works of Dr Seuss. These “Earthships” refer to radically designed buildings which are constructed from recycled materials and boast of impeccable green credentials. At this resort, you will find solar panels generating electricity, cisterns collecting rain- and snow catering to all the water requirements  and a greenhouse too! The good news is that you need not sacrifice any of your living comforts here as the rentals are equipped with Wi-Fi, smart TVs, bohemian-chic interiors and all that appeals the tastes of discerning travelers.

Dana Guest House, King’s Highway, Jordan

This is Jordan’s best natural spot that helps you get away from it all. Home to some of the most amazing views of the Middle East, Guest House mingles into the sandstone cliff face that sits atop the popular 1200m-high tip of Dana Nature Reserve and has the yawning precincts of Wadi Dana gorge and vistas tumbling down to meet the Dead Sea basin below. The simple stone-clad accommodation facilities of Dana welcome these show-stopping panoramas within and help you watch an amazing sunrise every day -one that lights up the gorge below and is indeed worth waking up for.(image by young shanahan)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Go Green at these Eco-Resorts of the World Dana Guest House, King's Highway, Jordan

Run by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) in Jordon, the staffs of the resort are highly knowledgeable and go a long way in helping you discover the reserve’s natural wonders. Enjoy homemade feasts made from locally sourced produce, watch eagles and kestrels sweeping down majestically from their soaring heights and admire the reserve’s dazzling biodiversity and amazing flora and fauna-there is  a lot to do and see here.

There is absolutely no dearth of eco-resorts around the world and their numbers are indeed on the rise with every passing day..enjoy!


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