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How Much Does it Really Cost You to Fly?

How Much Does it Really Cost You to Fly?

With today’s increasing tourism around the world, more and more travelers try to book as much as possible in advance such as flights, hotels, services, gear, transportation, and any other holiday-related necessities.  We learn that many times we can save a great deal of money doing so.  Increasingly, we see that airlines are allowing customers to carry less with them and luggage limitations are growing.  When we book a sport-related holiday, such as scuba diving, surfing, or skiing, in addition to the cost of the fun itself, we have to take into consideration the cost of taking our personal gear with us on board.  These days, many sport gear manufactures take into consideration the change of approach in the aviation industry and make great effort to come up with lighter and smaller sports gear without harming the quality.  

If you ever plan a sports-related holiday, it is highly recommended comparing the cost of carrying sports gear among the different airlines.  Not only will this save you money, but it will also avoid surprises at the airport.  At least doing so, you know how much the flight will cost you with all the add-on’s.


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