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How to Stay Safe While Traveling-10 Great Tips

How to Stay Safe While Traveling-10 Great Tips

Traveling is fun; you get to see new places, meet different people, and also get to do fun stuff. But traveling also has its fair share of risks and so it’s always wise to plan ahead and be prepared for the worst. Here’s a list of tips to ensure that you stay safe when traveling:

1. Don’t let everyone know you are a tourist. 

It’s always wise to blend in and not be so obvious to avoid attracting trouble. You should therefore refrain from asking strangers on the street for directions, and if you have to step into a shop and ask there. Also flashing your travel map or your DLSR camera might attract the wrong crowd.

2. Separate your cash; don’t place it all in one pocket.  

Having your money placed in one pocket makes it easy for it to get stolen. To avoid this you can separate your money; place some in the wallet, some in your bag and you even probably leave some in your hotel room. You could even go all 007 and hide your money discreetly where muggers won’t know; for example in your socks or in a secret pocket in your pants.

3. Exercise caution in your hotel room. 

It’s important to ascertain that the hotel door closes completely when entering or exiting your room. You should also utilize the hotel safe to keep your valuables and avoid leaving them in the room when you’re away for long. So you can leave your jewelry, laptop or even your passport in your safe.

4. Scan your travel documents. 

Should you get to lose your documents, having scanned copies on a cloud backup site comes in handy since you are able to speed up the re-application process. Some of the copies can even be used as a substitute for the originals. Basically, before travelling, you should have scanned copies of your driving license and passport with the entry stamps scanned too.

5. Research on the safety conditions of where you are scheduled to travel. 

It’s important to do a background check of the places you intend to visit before traveling. You can do this online, and the look-out for government travel advisories on different countries and also reviews of different cities. You should avoid areas classified as being dangerous. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

6. Carry your medication with you and get vaccinated. 

If you have a medical condition, you should carry all your medicine with you since sometimes it can be a daunting task trying to buy the medication on the go. Also get vaccinated against diseases common in the place you’re supposed to visit before traveling.

7. Get travel insurance. 

Travel insurance will take care of a range of eventualities depending on the package you chose. But sometimes you could be travelling on a budget so it’s almost essential that you get a travel medical insurance. Getting in an accident or being involved in a violent robbery can make you curse why you didn’t get that travel insurance when you had the chance.

8. Respect the local culture. 

When you go to Rome do as the Romans do. The key is blending in; avoid doing thing s that could be perceived as insulting by the local residents. Most people will turn violent should you insult their culture and beliefs.

9. Avoid flaunting your possessions. 

Perhaps it’s needless to point this out but just for good measure I will. Flaunting your money or that cool phone you have is tantamount to invite trouble. Discretion will keep muggers at bay.

10. Try to speak the local language. 

Travelling safe boils down to not drawing attention to you and not speaking the local language won’t help your course. So try to at least learn the basics. Remember, you are more vulnerable when clueless.

With all these rules traveling does seem tedious, but it doesn’t have to. These are just simple tips that will ensure you travel safer. So stay safe and enjoy your travel.


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