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Interview with a Travel Blogger – Meet Brandon Elijah Scott

Interview with a Travel Blogger – Meet  Brandon Elijah Scott

As a traveler myself, I meet a lot of other long and shot term travelers. In many cases, we meet amazing people with amazing stories.  And from those times, we have the privilege to meet extra ordinary travelers who not only have a very special story to tell, but also blog about their lifestyle, their adventures, and their unique story.  I like to introduce Brandon Elijah Scott.  Brandon is a  travel writer, photographer and a film maker with over ten years of experience. Brandon prides himself in being a citizen of the world, a storyteller, a whiskey snob and a book zealot.  I took the time to ask Brandon few personal questions about his world adventure and here is his story.  You can read much more about Brandon in his amazing blog. 

–What made you want to travel the world?

I set out on my first international trip with a girlfriend, and while we didn’t last long after it – seeing as how we were the least bit compatible – I still fell in love with traveling, and seeing new places. Something clicked within me, and I knew that I wanted nothing less than to roam and to experience, to grow, in wisdom and to change, away from my judgement, ego, and materialistic nature. A year later, single and ready to mingle with the world, I sold everything I owned and set out. I haven’t looked back since!

–What has the world taught you?

The world has taught me that people are generally good, compassionate and curious creatures. It can seem scary to roam from a new place, followed by another, where you may not know where you will lay your head down that evening, or who you will meet today. But that’s the beauty of travel, you’re stepping completely out of your comfort zone, perhaps in a new country, where you don’t understand the language, and you’re simply left with who you really are. It’s a sobering, yet an amazing feeling when you find yourself through the haze of everyday life, traditional expectations, and a ‘normal’ way of life where materialism and greed run rampant. Simply put, travel has taught me that there’s more to life than what the tradition (or at least where I’m from) of finishing grade school, then you’re off to college and in debt; then you must take on soul-sucking job, which is followed by a house, a marriage, a mini-van stuffed full of kids, and a stress-filled life of trying to dig out of debt.

Travel far a week - Travel Tales for Travel Lovers World Travel Family Kids World Travel Blog - Grindelwald Switzerland image by Brandon 1

Grindelwald, Switzerland

–What one person inspired you the most? 

I can’t quite name one person, by any means… But I can say that the prospect of lying on my deathbed, with nothing but regrets and unfulfilled fantasies scares the shit out of me. I don’t want to get to the endpoint of my life, and realize that I lived a life unlived.

–What are the top three destinations you would recommend to a friend – and why?

Iceland, Switzerland, and the USA. Iceland for it’s raw beauty and mesmerizing power. Switzerland for the hiking, skiing, and endless outdoors activities. The United States for its wide-range of modern and artsy cities, and of course for the variety of natural beauty it offers.

–Tell us of one ridiculously scary moment you had traveling?

I traveled to Puerto Rico in September 2012, with the goal of hopping from one island to the next, for several months, so that I could see as much as possible. Within the first week of starting this trip, I was robbed in a string of smash and grabs. I was hiking in the El Yunque Rainforest, and a whole lot of cars were broke into, including my rental car. They stole everything from me – computer equipment, photography gear, my money, clothes, passport, and everything else. It was purely awful.

Travel far a week - Travel Tales for Travel Lovers World Travel Family Kids World Travel Blog - Keash Ireland image by Brandon 2

Keash, Ireland – by Brandon Elijah Scott

–What is your favorite spot on the globe and why? 

Iceland, for the scenery. Plus, there’s just some kind of a mysterious power on the island. Pretty much where ever you go, the landscape changes every five minutes – from volcanoes and lava fields to glaciers and coastal cliffs, as well as mountains and great valleys, and waterfalls to name a few of the aspects that I love.


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