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Keeping your Kids Healthy on the Road – 12 Tips

Keeping your Kids Healthy on the Road – 12 Tips

Keeping your kids healthy while travelling is not an easy task, this is because it’s quite hard to keep monitoring their movements especially if they are many. Kid’s medication and treatment is something that we ought to avoid at all costs, bearing this in mind, here are some tips that you can employ to ensure you u keep all your kids healthy while travelling.

1.      Pack healthy snacks

Always ensure you travel with enough food to ward off pangs of hunger. This will save you money and since the kids will be on full stomachs, they will be less prone to ask for food items or even accept something from a stranger.

2.      Electric cooler

You can carry some perishable items like milk, yoghurt, fruit vegetables and sandwiches in the lighter cooler to ensure nothing goes bad. Eating or drinking some soar gone food or beverages can be a quick way to set you in deep trouble with all sick kids.  Keeping your Kids Healthy on the Road - 12 Tips   - Keeping hydrated

3.      Keep them hydrated

Nutrition goes hand in hand with hydration. Always ensure you have enough clean and bottled water while traveling. You can also carry some Nuun tablets that replace the electrolytes lost in sweating. Coconut water is also a rich field that you can use to quench your kids thirst. (Image by jimlc)

4.      Involve them

Let elder children help you supervise the young ones, they will always report to you in case one deviates from the norm. This way, they will remain disciplined and will avoid getting foods or gifts from strangers

5.      Engage them

Keeping healthy involves physical exercise, carry some hiking or climbing boots, at some instances halt and pull over the car, let the kids play and have fun, they will be doing physical exercises that are essential as far as health is concerned.

6.      Sleep

Let your kids have enough rest. Don’t wake them up too early, give them time to rest, if they happen to doze, don’t scold them, instead let them just have that nap and wake up refreshed.

Plan of the timing zones and how they can interrupt your sleep and act accordingly.

7.      Germs

Travelling involves a lot of contact with people or other materials carry a hand sanitizer with you and administer it to your kids before they embark in any feeding mission. Wet wipes and hand washing are also good vices to fight with germs.

8.       Avoid allergic reactions

If you know certain foods cause allergies to your kids, help them avoid them, some foods may be exciting but your kids may not be able to comprehend the ingredients, read them before you give your kids something to eat to best avoid allergic reactions.

9.      Health insurance

Before you travel always ensure that you have a health insurance that also covers for all your kids. This will caution you against any tragedy that may be fall you as you travel.

10.   Eat healthy

Teach your kids on how to eat healthy, help them avoid cheap roadside foods and teach the m to eat at good restaurants only. You can also give them enough pocket money to sponsor them for meals in good hotels.  Keeping your Kids Healthy on the Road - 12 Tips   - Vitamin

11.   Administer vitamins

Give your kids some multivitamins to keep their bodies strong and help them fight against disease causing micro organisms (Image by Courtney Easterly Photography)

12.  Vaccinate

Take precautions and vaccinate your kids before you travel. Do this like four to six weeks before travel day to help them build up immunity against certain diseases.

It’s not hard to follow these steps that will always ensure that your kids stay healthy while travelling. Travelling with young people around you is fun if you are sure you are well cautioned in terms of health, don’t take chances, take control.



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  1. Yes I agree that take healthy snacks while we are travelling is the good ideas. Because sometime it causes digestive problem on travelling.


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