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Long Haul Trips that Are Worth the Journey

Long Haul Trips that Are Worth the Journey


Uzbekistan is not always a destination that wins a top position in most travelers ‘ lists, it is a place that has got to have something unique to make you endure a long flight and spend hard earned cash to visit. Well, you will not be disappointed because for one it gives you an off the beaten path experience with its extreme landscapes, ancient Silk Road Cities, warm hospitality and ancient architecture and monuments still in ship shape state.

A seven hour flight from London will land you into the modern metropolis of Tashkent which generally gives you a glimpse of what to expect on a tour in Uzbekistan with its old towns contrasting heavily with the new and the 16th century mosque and mausoleum give you a taste of what is to come.

The Silk Road is mostly associated with Uzbekistan though it traverses many other countries; this is due to the legacy left behind this long ancient trade route. As a result of commerce, exchange of ideas and influence of different cultures, incredible cities with astounding architecture blossomed along the Silk Road. These mystical and spellbinding cities include Khiva, the holiest city in Central Asia, Bukhara which boasts of the most stunning collections of ancient architecture to be found anywhere and Samarkand with its intriguing monuments, mosques and citadels.

Away from the cities, Uzbekistan also offers impressive places of adventures on its mountains. Hiking through the highs and lows of the Chimgan ranges takes you through waterfalls, rugged terrain, gorges and sleepy villages.


You could call it the world’s largest island, the oldest continent or a huge country but such an intriguing destination without even a true identity is worth a visit, perhaps you could be the only person able to understand its real identity. Either way it’s a destination like no other and no matter how far you travel to explore it, it will be definitely worth it.(image by tanetahi)

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Oz as many would call it has some fantastic cities such as Sydney with its splendid harbor, Melbourne with its incredible laneways, cosmopolitan café culture and a variety of sporting arenas, Brisbane with its impressive subtropical colonial architecture (hire a campervan in Brisbane with Spaceships), Canberra with its excess museums, Adelaide with its churches and parks and Perth with its sparkling river and atmospheric old port. It also has endless miles of coastline which is as varied as its landscapes and cities.

Australia is fascinating in every aspect, from its size which is about the same land mass as 48 contiguous United states but with fewer people to the ruggedness of the desert that covers most of the interior and to the killer beaches and surfing opportunities that ring the entire continent one can spend a lifetime exploring this vast country.

The Australian wildlife is like no other on the planet, people travel far and wide to see animals that they will never see anywhere else, and this besides many other attributes is one of the reasons why your long haul trip to the land down under is worth its salt.


This tropical paradise may put you off especially if you dislike long flights but once you set your feet on its endless miles of golden beaches and get a glimpse of its abundant untamed natural riches, all your journey woes melt away into the breathtaking horizon. It is an ultimate Asian island that will intrigue you with its tremendous physical, cultural and ethnic diversity as well as a rich past influenced by foreigners who have in a way contributed to what you see to date.(image by AdjaFong)

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The superb gateway to Sri Lanka that should not be ignored is its eclectic capital city of Colombo which is a fascinating reflection of the incredible contrasts of the past and the new that define the country. South of Colombo you can explore the long swathe of golden sand and in the South Coast you will find gorgeous beaches, colonial townscapes, wildlife parks, enchanting Buddhist shrines and plenty of temples and some of the country’s most alluring places to stay.

Tours to Sri Lanka should include Kandy with its remarkable architecture and traditional arts, further south rolling hills with stunning tea estates define the Hill Country. The mountainous regions inland offer a wonderful escape away from the coastal areas that are hot and humid. The rural lifestyle in the rural villages is charming and unashamedly indolent, it is a place to immerse in the intriguing culture and experience the laid back lifestyle.  Apply for sri lanka visa online.

The East Coast is barely visitors and it offers the perfect destination for an off the beaten path experience exploring the beautiful untouched coastline.


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