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Moving In And Around India The Best Way

Moving In And Around India The Best Way

India, the land of manifold cultural, geographical as well as regional diversities is best explored by using its public transportation system Oft thronged and packed to the brim (thanks to its population that runs into billions), the trains, buses, ferries and bullock carts of this country traverse long miles each day and help you get in touch with its many attractions-the right and affordable way!

Ferries and Boats

While In India, you will come across many local ferries that offer transport facilities across and down its many rivers. From wooden canoes to big car ferries to wicker coracles; you find them all. Many of these boats ferry bikes and motorcycles for a small fee and pose as a lifeline for local farmers, traders and all others wishing to cross over to the other side of its many gigantic rivers , lakes and other water bodies. If you so wish, you may hop on to one of the scheduled ferries that connect mainland India to scenic Port Blair, located in the Andaman Islands or take a ride to Sundarbans or Lakshadweep Islands.(image by Fotos GOVBA)

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This is  a great way of traveling in India, but then you need to be careful-especially if you happen to a member of the fairer gender. The bus services in India are oft supplemented by truck drivers eager to let you hop on their vehicles , particularly in the remotest parts of Ladakh, Lahaul or Spiti. Remember, most of these drivers are not versed in English and so it becomes important to explain where you would like to go and ask about the fair price to pay.

Cars and Motorcycles

Here, very few tourists bother to get themselves self-drive car rentals , but hiring cars with  drivers is surprisingly affordable. This is all the more true if you decide to split the charges with other like-minded passengers or those traveling the same destination as yours. However, Self-drive car hires are possible in the larger cities of India. Some International rental companies like Hertz and Budget have their representatives in India: remember to carry along your international driving permit along if you wish to drive around on your own. (image by Ashley Coates)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Moving in and Around India the Best Way Cars and Motorcycles

Despite its horrendous traffic, the many regions of India can be well experienced by long-distance motorcycle touring. In all honesty, the sturdier bikes are better equipped to handle the patchy and pitted roads in a better manner than four-wheeled vehicles. You can also enjoy the added bonus of stopping when and wherever you want. The most preferred starting points for exciting motor-cycle tours is the capital of India, New Delhi. From here, you can find your way into the royalty of Rajasthan , Ladakh and South India alike. If you have the correct paper work in place, you may also like to zip across its boundaries into those of Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Pakistan -this country has very interesting neighbors indeed!

The Indian Railway system boasts of the largest and most exhaustive network in the world and connects most cities and towns. There are many airline carriers too (private and government owned)-they cater to all major sectors and have connections with some of the most beautiful tourist destinations too-take your pick!

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