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Packing List for a Vacation With Kids

Packing List for a Vacation With Kids

Looking for the right clothes to take across on your Disney Vacation during the upcoming spring vacation? Do you want to pack in a sensible manner so that you do not lose out on the appropriate clothing for your children? Well, vacation fun usually begins with kids getting all excited with the prospects of packing their own bags; but  again, they do need some degrees of supervision – especially if they are packing for the first time. Helping your children make a proper master list from which they can work from provides them with a n opportunity to think and plan carefully –through the entire process. Once you have your list ready and in place, place an adequate sized bag in the hands of each child his -with the checklist within. The act also helps in accumulating all the stuff that they may have taken along and packing in the same for their return journey home.

Let us assume that your kids do not require any laundry services during their week long vacation. If you have a girl child then it is  a good idea to pack in eight shirts/ tops; a sufficient number of socks and underwear; skirts or denims as per choice and weather conditions; heavyweight /lightweight pajamas regardless of the weather and any other accessories as they so deem fit. Boys require slightly less stuff as they tend to repeat their clothes and wear their denims or track pants on repeated occasions. If you are planning to head for cold weather, then remember to add a hooded sweatshirt or a light waterproof jacket for their outerwear needs. (image by Michelle)

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Comfortable sneakers that promise to offer good support as really important for kids who are planning on an exhaustive list of sightseeing options. And yes, as jumping in puddles or wading through knee deep waters in mountain streams and rivers is often an irresistible activity for certain kids, then it is a good idea to pack in an extra set of sneakers, floaters or shoes, in fact it is a must. You may also look towards a strong pair of boots if your child is planning to get  involved in scores of outdoor activities. If a vacation by the sea is in the offing, then beach shoes help in serving triple duty: as bedroom slippers, around the pool/ beach or in the shower.

Comfort Items

Travel is usually an adventure. However, the feeling of being comfortable and secure enhances the experiences of your kids; so remember to include a flashlight/ nightlight or a favorite stuffed toy bring about a reduction in bedtime jitters; your younger kids may be happier packing in their favorite blankets as well. You may also add in few juice boxes, granola bars or small packets of dried fruits -especially when they fail to make it to the dining table on time, fail to like something on the menu or start feeling hungry before the dishes are laid out.(image by ramsayclan)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Packing List for a Vacation With Kids Comfort Items

You may also like to pack in a few board games, a few books, pack of markers, a small drawing pad, a puzzle book, a collapsible Frisbee, playing cards, favorite electronic devices and so forth…..but then, there is no end to stacking up things in their rucksacks, so do keep a watch!

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