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Pickpocketing While Traveling – Can You Avoid it?

Pickpocketing While Traveling – Can You Avoid it?

While travelling to far places, you must be prepared for many unexpected events like falling sick, robberies or accidents. Most travelers pay little attention to prevent pick-pocketing. When they are at a new place, they lose themselves in enjoying their ambiance; this gives the best opportunity for thieves around them to snatch their wallets. It is very difficult to spot pickpockets in the public. They will look like any other well-dressed gentleman. Once you lost your belongings, your whole trip will be ruined. And as it is a new place for you, there is little chance that the local police will help you get your belongings back. Here are 8 tips to avoid pick-pockets stealing from you.

1. Secret Pocket:

Do you have valuable items ? Then, store them in a secret pocket or your front pocket. Pick-pockets target the back pockets most, so store nothing in it. Also, avoid keeping valuables in the side pockets. Never your wallet stick out from your pocket.

2. Do Not Walk Through Crowds:

Walking through a crowd makes you more vulnerable as it makes the job of a pick-pocket easier. He blends in with the people and snatches your belongings while nobody takes notice.

3. Be Careful While Coming Out From Hotels:

Sometimes the man you see lingering in the hotel lobby may not be a guest. He may be there to notice where you stored your wallet and pass on this information to his accomplice waiting outside through his cell phone. As soon as you get out, the man waiting outside can rob you easily as he knows where you placed your wallet.

4. Avoid Flashing Your Wallet in Public:

Never count the money in your wallet publicly. Do it in your hotel before starting, and organize it credit cards carefully. While you take out your wallet, mind your surroundings as some one can snatch it and make a run with it.

5. Shorten the Strap of your Hand Bag:

Choose a handbag or purse with does not dangle below your waist line. Also, if it has a zipper, make sure that the zipper lies close to your eye sight – this way, it can be easily monitored. If the zipper is close to your back, it is simple for a thief to open it and steal the items inside.

6. Don’t Carry Everything:

Keep most of your money, IDs and credit cards in the safe provided in your hotel room. So, even you get pick-pocketed, you will not lose your valuables.

7. Money Belts and Inside Coat Pockets:

If you were to carry a large sum of money, store it in inside coat pockets or money belts. They at least keep you safe from petty thieves, but an experienced muggers can reach them. So, you will have to be constantly attentive.

8. Beware of Backpack-openers:

If you have walk through a crowd while wearing a back pack having valuables, wear it on the front side. Back packs can be easily opened while you cannot see them.

When you are travelling to a place you know nothing about, do not indulge in too many conversations with strangers. Also, before commencing the journey, make sure that you purchase a travel insurance policy that has cash theft coverage so that you can claim back your lost money. These policies also help you pay the medical bills in case you fall sick at the new place.


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