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Save, Scrimp and Stretch Your Budgetary Restraints

Save, Scrimp and Stretch Your Budgetary Restraints

Hard pressed for cash but need a well deserved break? If you have been thinking of shoving off the idea of leaving the comforts of your home for reasons connected with low bank balances or wallets that disallow you from digging in deep, then you need to think once again. These simple but effective tops will stretch your dollars  along way and help you get every penny worth of travel fun.

House-sit or House-swap

Are you ready to experience life like a native and house-swap with someone, in an  interesting location? Well, you get to stay without paying for accommodation and immersing yourself in deeper into the local community, even as you saving yourself some precious cash! Living as a house guest and taking care of  a part of the family’s daily grind helps you glean an insider’s view of the locality, even as your host travels elsewhere. Another great idea linked to raising travel money is by letting out your own pad to  a friend/ acquaintance when you are away. You end up being relaxed about paying your mortgage or rent and also have some extra spending cash to meet your travel expenses. Cool, eh? The popular house-swapping portals that are equipped to address your purpose are Guardian Home Exchange, Home Exchange and Home Link-do check them out before booking your accommodation in the destination of your choice.(image by Joelle)

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Scrimp on How you Travel

Train travel can prove to be relaxing and romantic, allows you to see the countryside, reduce your carbon footprints and of course saves your cents too. You cam aim for the cheapest and best deals by booking 11 months in advance or at the last minute-if you are lucky enough to grab the airfare deals provided by the same airline that helped you build up your miles. It’s good to check out the emails and guideline that promise news on deals.

Negotiate, Plan and Gamble

Hone up your haggling skills before setting foot outside of home. You may like to avail of lower accommodation costs by contacting your favorite accommodation portals at the last minute or by negotiating with affordable hotels directly. Look for special weekend rates on travel websites, live life on the edge by looking for worthwhile home stays or hotels after arriving at your destination or simply scour all coupons and discounted rate that happen to come your way -you may just get yourself the best deal of the year!

Pedal power

Lead a life on the road with the breeze blowing through your hair. Here, we are not referring to carbon-unfriendly, expensive convertibles but glorious pushbikes. By pedaling yourself, you may look forward to exploring with minimum environmental impact and free spirits alike. If you want to go an extra mile, stay at camps or hostels, book yourself group rides where your camaraderie comes gratis and you can also procure mechanical and organizational help. While planning a bicycle vacation; it is a good idea to look for gorgeous weather.(image by andy a)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Save, scrimp and Stretch your Budgetary Restraints Pedal power

All the best!

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