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The 4 Most Challenging Mountains Treks – I Dare You

The 4 Most Challenging Mountains Treks – I Dare You

Mountaineering can be quite exhaustive but you finally get the excitement of conquering heights and walking on deadly cliffs where a slight trip can cost your life. Reaching the top is usually the climax of it all. Different mountains have different aspects and also different elements at stake. Safety comes first; you require experience, an athletic spirit and technical knowhow of how to conquer the adrenaline taking heights. Below are some of the best mountains to go for mountain climbing.

Mount Khuiten in Mongolia

As a traveler you will be quickly carried away by the rolling landscapes that identify with the Atlas Mountains, the endless green canopies of the Steppes and the famous Kazakh nomads. This makes Mount Khuiten an enjoyable scenic trek and a must climb. The mountain stretches up to China, Mongolia and Russia. Trekkers’ have to cross past golden and almost infinite barren landscapes which are believed to be among some of the most remote regions on earth. The incredible journey is enriched by the presence of the hospitable Kazakh nomads who are always willing to lend a helpful hand along the way. The 4 Most Challenging Mountains Treks – I Dare You - Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Being the highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro is the place to be, the flat topped mountain is located in Tanzania and a little extent will get you on the Kenyan border. The mountain comprises of three extinct volcanoes, the Mawenzi, Kibo and Shira. Its highest peak, Uhuru, stand at an amazing 5899 meters above the sea level. Getting to the snow capped top is quite exhilarating; the best route to take is the famous Machame Trek as you will enjoy seeing natures big five plus other beautiful birds. Upon completion you get to the Shira plateau via Grand Barraco Canyon up to the top. You may still go on to get to Stella Point and get to Kibo’s rim then Uhuru. You will definitely fall in love with what Africa has in store for you. (Image by Comic Relief)

The Andes in Peru

Inca Trail in Andes will get you trek past worlds ecosystems ranging from deserts, plains up to tropical cloud forests. On your way, you will pass through rushing rivers as you ascend to the snow capped mountains. You will learn of the historic Machu Picchu city which was discovered in 1911 by Bingham Hiram. You also will get to the heart of the Inca Empire, the Cusco, on your way you can carry out fishing activities on some rivers, the fish will make delicacy meals as you appreciate the bounty of the Andes Mountains. The 4 Most Challenging Mountains Treks – I Dare You - MT Everest

Mount Everest in Nepal

Towering at an amazing 29,035 feet above the sea level, Mt. Everest is the world’s tallest mountain. Ascending to the top of the Everest is always the height of mountaineering; the terrain is out to tear you up. At most only 5000 people have successfully ascended the mountain; the South Col is the most preferred route to take when ascending these heights. Many tired and abandon the mission. Undoubtedly, the Everest is the place to try as a successful ascent will rank you among the top mountaineers of the world. Try it out and live to tell the tales. (Image by Sport Eybl)

Irrespective of where you will go for mountain climbing, every mountain will challenge you as they are unique in their own way, you will thus enjoy conquering the heights and gaining new mountain climbing skills. Climb one of the four best mountains, though tiring you will enjoy the fuss.


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Featured image courtesy by Comic Relief