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The 5 Most Romantic Destinations in Europe for Winter Vacation

The 5 Most Romantic Destinations in Europe for Winter Vacation

It is agreed without question that Europe is still the most romantic destination for winter vacation or any vacation for that matter anywhere in the world. With Europe’s history being written on every winding  path, on picturesque villages, on vineyards, on food and on its majestic mountains, cities, beaches, towns and storybook villages, one couldn’t  possibly hope for more anywhere on earth. As a romantic destination  during winter, Europe excels beyond words and a winter vacation in this  continent goes down in every heart as excellent, definitely worth it and certainly magical.

1. France
Of course the whole of France is not a winter vacation but France excels in everything romantic whether it is cold or hot. The French  Alps provide excellent winter vacation that is unbeatable  especially in the south east of France. Les Trois Vallees in the Vanois National Park is one deserving of attention being one of the largest ski area in the world. This ski wonder of the world consists of three valleys that  are interlinked by a cable and can all be accessed with a single pass!  This means that you can have your honeymoon over the 600km of slopes and valleys  and a whooping 100 km of cross country skiing while living in the most comforting  winter vacation home possible where the wine and food are immaculate and the scenery simply The 5 Most Romantic Destinations in Europe for Winter Vacation - Villars-sur  Ollon

2. Villars-sur Ollon in Switzerland
Considered among the best winter vacations in the world, Villars-sur  Ollon offers some of the most fantastic ski slopes and resorts there are to find  anywhere in our more than beautiful planet. The spectacular Mont Blanc and Rhone Valley  are visible from the slopes and for a couple on  honeymoon the accommodation and fantasy around this place cannot be easily matched. (Image by MetallYZA)

3. St Moritz
St Moritz is also in Switzerland and boasts the honor of hosting the winter Olympics twice plus many more winter sports championships. The tallest mountain in the eastern Alps is found in this area. There  are many resorts to choose from with the Roi Soleil resort being  famed for its extensive and certainly very luxurious facilities.

4. Innsbruck
The Austrian city of Innsbruck hosted the memorable 1976 Olympics and  would do it again just as well to date. Although a favorite for winter  vacation, Innsbruck offers all year round skiing. Here you will be  reminded of the might of the Austro- Hungarian empire as this was a seat of regional power for many centuries and so it is stuffed with medieval architecture that stands in the middle of the Austrian alps. Innsbruck  is always full of activity all year through and certainly guarantees a  most romantic honeymoon. The 5 Most Romantic Destinations in Europe for Winter Vacation - Zurich
5. Zurich
Yes, Zurich is a real favorite winter destination in Europe partly  because of the city’s proximity to Swiss alps. This city boasts of  excellent accommodation facilities and a sizzling nightlife that works to  compliment all the fun got from skiing in the Alps and sightseeing. (Image by Juan Rubiano)
Of course there are many more romantic winter destinations to go to and  to talk about because it is Europe and Europe is inexhaustible.


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