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The 6 Most Common Illnesses While Traveling – Avoid Them

The 6 Most Common Illnesses While Traveling – Avoid Them

While travelling to foreign countries is a thrilling experience full of fun and adventure, travellers can easily fall ill as a result of exposure to different environments and climatic conditions. Illnesses often completely spoil the traveller’s mood and desire for exploration making them bored and lazy. On the other hand, a healthy travel experience is satisfying and renewing. Extended illnesses will spoil your whole mission and hence you not only become a burden to your fellow travellers but also end up wasting your money and time. 90% of the illnesses that a traveller could face are both preventable and curable. Here are the 6 most common travel illnesses and how to avoid them.

Traveller’s diarrhea

This is an intestinal and stomach infection that comes as a result of unhygienic food handling, often caused by bacteria known as E coli. This is the most popular traveller’s illness affecting 20-50% of international travellers annually. It can last for up to seven days. It can however be prevented through eating well cooked food, avoiding unsafe drinking water, thoroughly washing fruits and vegetable and observing general hygiene standards.

Attitude sickness 

Air gets thinner as you go up. If you are not used to high attitude areas, your body cannot get the enough oxygen it needs especially when you go very high quickly. This causes dizziness, headaches, vomiting, appetite loss insomnia and fatigue. If you climb at a range of 6500 ft., you are likely not to get this illness. Acetazolamide medication can also help as well as ginger, tea and capsules. You can also get acclimated slowly so that your body takes time to adjust.

Sun Exposure

These are severe burns especially on the face as a result of long exposure to ultra violet radiation. They cause an inflammation on the skin. Some severe sunburns show intense signs such as swelling, pain, fever, headache, dizziness, redness and dehydration. This illness can be prevented by following basic precautions when travelling to sunny places. You can use spectrum protection against harmful rays, curry a hut with you and a bottle of water when going for outdoor events. The sunscreen should be applied moments before exposure to tough sunlight for people with sensitive skin.

Motion sickness

This is also referred to as seasickness which occurs when the eyes begin seeing motion while the body cannot sense it. It leads to conflict in senses and can result to sweating, headache, vomiting and nausea. This illness can be prevented by finding a natural balance Pont such as sitting near the wings of the plane. Holistic remedies like tea, capsules and ginger chews are helpful in preventing the illness.


Malaria is a common tropical disease that results from the bite of an infected female anopheles mosquito. It can easily affect travellers visiting areas which have high malarial prevalence. This disease can be avoided by sleeping under mosquito nets. It is also treatable.


H1H1, popularly known as swine flu is a global disease that spreads very rapidly. Symptoms are those of a severe common cold. It can be prevented through vaccination just before travelling to a country with high prevalence.


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