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The 9 Tallest Mountains in the World

The 9 Tallest Mountains in the World

Mountain peaks are some of the most favorite tourist attraction sites. Many tourists and scientist have in the recent past attempted exploration of some of the highest mountains in existence with the aim of exploring the best adventure travel around the world. With some getting exhausted on the way and others dying, it hasn’t been one of the easiest venture’s. However, with the intervention of NASA, the exploration of the highest mountains in the world has been made possible with the following being ranked the World’s 9 Tallest Mountains. 

9 Nanga Parbat

Closing the list is Nanga Parbat Mountain that is found in Pakistan, Asia continent. It measures 8125 m above the sea level and is infamously known for its ice covered terrain which is considered deadly. This may possible explain the 216 total numbers of climbers who have successfully reached its peak as compared to Everest’s 1,800.

8 Manaslu

Standing at 8163 meters, Manaslu is yet another tall mountain in the world. It’s also located within the Asian continent in Mansiri Himal part of Nepal. It is famous for its colorful valley glaciers and snowy peaks. However, it is often prone to monsoon rainfall, landslides and even glacier fall that makes it a risky fun spot.

7 Dhaulagiri

It is located in north central Nepal, Asia and boasts of a height of 8167 m. It’s a favorite tourist spot for seasoned mountaineers as its rugged terrain is punctuated with glaciers, ice falls and ridges which make it less accessible. Nevertheless, it is a seasoned tourist spot due to its spectacular appearance.

5 Makalu

Having an isolated four sided pyramid peak, this mountain is 8485 m high. Similar to the other mountains, it is found in the Asia continent; Nepal to be specific. It’s one of those mountains which are difficult to climb and only 5 in every 16 climbers are able to make it to the peak.

4 Lhotse

Also found in Asia, Lhotse is 8516 meters above the sea level. It’s one of those mountains that one wouldn’t dare reach its peak as an individual. It is located in Nepal and has very unfavorable climatic conditions.

6 Cho Oyu

Compared to other mountains in this region, this 8188 m high feature is one of the easiest to climb. It’s a popular tourist destination in Asia due to its lovely terrain and favorable snow conditions which make it suitable for ski mountaineering and snowboarding.

3 Kanchenjunga 

Resting on the Indian-Nepal border, Kanchenjunga is 8586 meters high. This Asian mountain is a favorite tourist destination, famously known for its five peaks which create spectacular scenery, one that is lovely to marvel at.

 2 K2

Also known as Savage Mountain, this is the second tallest mountains which stand at 8611 meters above the sea level. It is based between the China-Pakistan Border in the Asia continent. Unlike Everest however, it is not a popular tourist’s site due to the adverse climatic conditions experienced within.

1 Mt Everest

At 8850 meters, this is the World’s tallest mountain with its peak being the highest point on Earth. It is located within the Tibet and Nepal, Asia. Being one of the famous Himalayan ranges, it is a favorite tourist destination and the Nepalese Government charge up to $25,000 per person for climbing it where the total cost can easily reach $60,000.

These mountains not only provide spectacular scenes for tourists but also support other leisure activities like ice skating, skiing and even skateboarding. These make them ideal spots for adventure travel around the world; so full of life and pleasurable experience.


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