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The Best Ways of Choosing a Caribbean Island

The Best Ways of Choosing a Caribbean Island

The numerous scenic islands dotting the scenic waterscapes of the Caribbean are indeed a remarkably diverse lot. Having little in common with the group-filled Aruba, Pulsing Jamaica and other islands  located in plain sight of each other such as St Kitts and Nevis are quite different in their offerings and appearance alike. So, if you are planning to take that much needed vacation in the picturesque precincts of the Caribbean, then you really need to have prior knowledge of which on to choose from the many.
Urban or lost, near or far as well as big or little are among the many factors that have the ability of turning the act of choosing a careless holiday into a daunting chore. Fortunately, the lines written below, promise to can take the pain from  the act choosing the right option for you. Read on for some of the best islands that are worthy of your visit.


Nearly featureless and arid in nature, the main attraction of  Aruba lies in its ribbon of beaches dotted with big world-class resorts. Backed by swaying palms, familiar restaurants, pulsating bars and sprawling beach malls-this vacation requires very little thinking; if at all!(image by Frankie Yale)

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The Bahamas

Presenting a host of myriad options of the Caribbean in a scenic microcosm in close proximity to the USA, the 700 odd islands linked to the Bahamas boast of glossy mega-resorts and far-flung hideaways alike. The destination is best visited for divers, partiers, island-hopping explorers and those needing a fast escape -far from the maddening crowds.

Cayman Islands

Highly reminiscent of the bounties of South Florida, Grand Cayman just a little orderly and has lesser traffic than the former. Here, you will find resorts of all stripes and tax shelters. The many outdoor fun based activities include snorkeling, diving and swimming along with giant schools of stingrays. These islands are best known for their hassle-free holidays and water sports alike.


Standing stoic in times and boasting of a plethora of Caribbean clichés like the notes of Bob Marley songs being played to the rhythmic moves of beer guzzlers; Jamaica offers resorts that range from posh to lurid and those offering distinct urban cultural attributes. A Jamaican beach vacation is all about resort holidays, spicy music, spicy food, urban/ natural adventures and quick arrivals from the US and back!

Puerto Rico

Old San Juan, one of the most distinctive and loved highlights of the region , boasts of a yawning colonial throw-back buzzing with lively vibes. Casinos, tangible history, sprawling Big beach resorts and rich Hispanic cultural offerings are some of the island’s best known highlights. Peurto Rico is best visited for discoveries that range beyond the sands, sun and seas.

St-Martin/Saint Maarten

Dutch and French-to very distinct cultures share the same space on this very lively but smallish island. While the Dutch love partying down, the French areas offer vacations with reserve. St-Martin/Saint Maarten is best renowned for its daytrips into France, Midrange-hotel holidays, the heart of Creole’s cultural heritage, bounties of the Netherlands and yes, the wildest airport bar on our planet!(image by Linda Silva Palleschi)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The Best Ways of Choosing a Caribbean Island St-MartinSaint Maarten


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