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Top 3 Gambling Destinations in Europe

Top 3 Gambling Destinations in Europe

When you think gambling, Europe is not the first continent that comes to mind. Strange, I’d say, as Europe is the cradle of modern casino gaming. The name of the establishment itself – Casino – comes from Italy, and Monte Carlo was for a long time the destination of choice for gamblers with a bit of self respect. Today, though, all the fame and glitter of gambling is taken by Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Macau, among others. But Europe still has a series of top gambling destinations for the avid gamer in you.

Casinos in Europe are not as spectacular as in the rest of the world, perhaps because they’re not built for the masses. Online gambling is well regulated in Europe, so players seeking to play slots, table games and others can quickly load All Slots Casino on their desktop or mobile devices and dive right in. The All Slots has a series of benefits over land-based casinos: it’s always open, it’s accessible from virtually anywhere, and it’s never crowded. Besides, the All Slots offers its players one of the largest game collections ever, both on desktop and mobile devices. The amazing promotions and generous specials the All Slots has for its players is just an extra benefit on top of all of the above.


Monaco is a small principality with a long history and lots of attractions. It is, among others, the location of a famous annual F1 Grand Prix (the only one organized on streets rather than a dedicated racetrack), a destination of choice for celebrities during the summer, and the location of perhaps the most famous casino in the world: the Monte Carlo Casino.


Built in the late 19th century, it was for long the only place European gamblers could play their favorite games, the activity being banned in most other countries. Later the policies have changed, becoming much more liberal – but Monte Carlo has kept its magic and flair even today.


London is among the most important cities in the world, both culturally and economically. But, contrary to expectations, it is also one of the cities with the highest number of casinos open to the public. But more importantly, it is also a place with a series of gambling venues not open to the public – exclusive clubs open for their members only, with strict policies on who is and who isn’t allowed to enter.



France has a special gambling status in Europe – it’s mostly against online gambling. This means that Frenchmen and women who feel like trying their luck have to visit land-based establishments more often. Paris – and the surrounding Ile de France area – has several major casinos, known for their great variety of table games and slot machines.


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