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Top 4 Privacy Oriented Places to go for Your Honeymoon

Top 4 Privacy Oriented Places to go for Your Honeymoon

Looking for a nice honeymoon destination can be an uphill task especially at times when you just want to sit back and enjoy pleasant moments with your loved ones. As young couple, travelling should be an exciting experience; it’s your time to actually enjoy loads of fun as you explore ancient sights, sprawl in cities and party all night on the beaches. Consider renting as you will have more privacy and luxury as you explore your favorite destinations. Here are some of the most famous destinations for honeymooners.

Crystal creek in Murwillumbah, Australia

In this rainforest retreat, couples privacy is guaranteed. The resort is tactfully located in the unexploited Australian forest and is virtually surrounded by World Heritage National park on three sides. It has ten exotic and up to date bungalows which are well spaced between each other. The hotel sits on one hundred acres of land that is adequate enough to cater for your pets and children. Other guests are restricted so you will have ample time and freedom to go for a couples massage, an afternoon siesta or a gourmet picnic in one of the hammock special rooms built for two. Your honeymoon will be enjoyable and you will love the experience. Top 4 Privacy Oriented Places to go for Your Honeymoon- Bora Bora

Bora Bora Four Season Resort in French Polynesia

The Bora Bora hotels’ rank high among the best hotel and resorts for honeymoons, the hotels exudes romance with its more than hundred overwater bungalows and at least seven beachfront villas. This makes the island a paradise for many. Among other beauties you will enjoy visiting its turquoise lagoons, magnificent waterfalls and immaculate beaches all in one location. Visitors can savor a private three course meal while on the beach or on their bungalows as they watch the beautiful sun as it sets over a lagoon. (Image by David Ramsey)

Mill houses suites and studios, Thira in Santorini Greece

Mill houses suites and studios is a very luxurious and porch haven that offers a sensational and panoramic view of volcanic isles that are near the great Aegean Sea. This makes the resort a hot spot for honeymooners who want to have a gorgeous romantic Greek getaway. The hotels major features include a massage suite, intimate candle lit dinner, and cool offs in the dip pools, private verandas, complementary Bulgari toiletries and an outdoor Jacuzzi. This makes the place ideal and more of a dream destination for your honeymoon. Top 4 Privacy Oriented Places to go for Your Honeymoon - Auberge Du Soleil

Auberge Du Soleil in Napa Valley, California

This great sumptuous inn is solely designed for adults, the hidden oasis is kids free and here you can enjoy your long awaited honeymoon days with your sweetheart. As a couple you are treated with utmost respect as you enjoy your time in some of the privatized soaking tubs, complete bath oils and exclusive outdoor terraced hillside view. An exquisite retreat is all you expect in this wine country. You will have over 1500 wines to select from; your honeymoon will turn to one of the most romantic moments in your life. The inn has also unparalleled grandeur-pour deux to add on. (Image by George Morris)

Consider doing an early booking before you go for your honey moon especially in wedding peak seasons. This will ensure you secure the best rooms and if possible those that have a balcony that you can relax and enjoy romantic moments with your sweetheart.


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