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Top Things to do in Mauritius

Top Things to do in Mauritius

Mauritius is an island nation that experiences a tropical type of climate which makes tourists to flock from far and wide just to experience this climate. With a developed economy, modernized lifestyle, high standards of living, exotic beaches and abundant tourist attractions the island has what it takes to attract international as local tourists. The country has also improved its infrastructures as well as transportation industry and this has facilitated commuting among tourists who find a more convenient and easier holidays to Mauritius. Here are top places to go as well as things to do on a Mauritius vacation.

Pointe d’Esny& Blue Bay

With its crystal clear and deep blue waters that splash on fine sandy beaches, Pointe d’Esny& Blue Bay is the place to be. You can get to this beach and have some romantic moments with your loved one or better still get to its waters and where you can do some water sport. Bask in the sun all day as you sunbath in the sands next to the Indian Ocean shores.

Black River Gorges National Park

On the hilly Southwestern side of Mauritius, you will get to this amazing national park which is government managed. The park covers over 67.54 square kilometers which consist of humid upland forests, marshy heathlands as well as drier lowlands. You can go to explore the 60 kilometers nature trails, picnic areas or just get to the information centers where you can learn of the park history. Additionally, there is a 4 field station that’s used for research which you can consider visiting too.(image by Dietmar Reigber).

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Port Louis

Port Louis is the capital city and also the main port of the great Island. The port is surrounded by a mountainous range known as Port Louis Moka Range which is picturesque range that you must see. You can get to the historical sites or the colonial buildings which have been conserved over the years; a good example is Fort Adelaide or La Citadelle which was built by the British in 1835. Museums are also a must visit while in Port loius.

Le Morne Peninsula

This island is highlighted by a basaltic monolith which features a summit of 556 meters above sea level. The summit extends for over 12 hectares and is home to some great caves, steep slopes and overhangs that are worth exploring. The lagoons too are a must visit.

Monday Market

The top thing to do in Monday Market is the foire de Mahébourg which is near the water front at central Mahébourg. At the market make sure you try local snacks like chilli bites, samosas, dhal puris and gateaux piments which are usually sold from boxes fixed behind motorcycles. The market is open all days but goods and population doubles on Mondays.

Le Souffleur

At Le Souffleur, make sure you get to the beaches that are characterized by the sea water rushing against cliffs and lava rocks which have been carved to great stacks and coastline sculptures that are worth taking snapshots. There is also a natural bridge that was formed after the roofs of an existing sea cave collapsed. You can also get to the blow holes if you want to experience more fun. Entry is free. (image by Michael Leuty).

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Le Souffleur Things to do in Mauritius


Eureka house is more than a unique Creole house; it was built in 1830 and features some awesome gardens that are surrounded by waterfalls from Moka River as well as Moka Range. With over 109 windows, the house has the reputation of being the greatest house on the island. Today it acts as a museum featuring art, music and antic maps among others.

Mauritius is a favorite destination for many, for this reason it’s very hard to find nice accommodation places, make sure you secure your accommodation as well as a flight in advance. You will also be cautioned against price hikes especially in peak seasons. Holidays to Mauritius are lovely and unique, consider taking your loved one or the entire family, they will definitely love the experience.


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